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I did it. You guys. I did it.

After 15 years, I finally created my first fursona.

I want you to meet Sealed Venom.

Sealed is a dual-formed demon that has taken the form of a male lynx.

While Sealed is in lynx form he is built slender, lithe, like a muscular dancer with white fur and deep purple markings around his ears and nape.

Body: Male lynx, build like a tall, muscled dancer, with a lithe body and masculine shape.

Fur/markings: White fur with dark purple marks around his ears and his nape, on his forearms and his abdomen.

Special features: The only indication of his demonic blood are the two curled horns protruding from his forehead, curling back in perfect circles. As a lynx, his tail is short and bobbed. He's left handed.

Personality: Sealed is a complex demon. Shunned by his people, Sealed values life and humanity to almost fanatical conviction. He finds beauty in each life form and that makes him a pariah and outcast among the other demons. He will protect an innocent life to his dying breath. But he's still a demon, and that brings forth it's own issues. He's quite pompous, classy, and can be very condescending, openly mocking those around him without much concern for their feelings. He's an asshole at times, but below that natural demonic personality is a loving spirit that values his loved ones and their happiness in life. Slow to anger, but easy to offend. Sealed is often stoic and serious, but when he smiles he's up to no good.

Sexuality: Gay

Kinks: An aggressive bottom, Sealed likes to use rope to manipulate his lovers, not to tie them up, but to torment their senses before intimacy. Once in the act, he's quite docile and a passionate, sensual lover.

Likes: Powerful but kind men, children, cats, ropes, having his horns scratched, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Dislikes: Energetic people, modesty, and sudden loud noises.

Second Form

On very rare occasions, occasions you don't want to be present for, the demon blood boils much too hot for Sealed to control.

When Sealed Venom loses control he reveals himself in his true Demonic form, known only as The Viper.

The Viper is very much similar to Sealed Venom except his fur has turned completely black, and his claws, teeth, and eyes burn with a bright blue fire. He will grab you, and kiss you, forcing his venom into your body and causing your death to be long and agonizing. The worst part, when his eyes meet yours, you are helpless to the death, and can only stand as your insides begin melting and you hear The Viper's endless laughing as your body goes into shock and you die minutes later.

Whatever you do, don't make Sealed Venom angry. But don't worry, it's difficult to do. Only one person has ever been the victim of The Viper.

So, after that introduction I pose a question. Based on what you read, what is your favorite thing about him?

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
Spooky demons not usually my cup of tea, but I too like cats and sandwiches so he can be a friend.