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My First Fursuit


New Member
I've had this poor creature called "Meep" in production for
... um.... a while. Life happens. So now I live in my own home and can do things on my time.

Currently the pieces I have are paws, the foam head base, I have extra foam for the digi grade legs, two types of the three types of fur & a whole duct tape dummy. It's slow going, but I hope to ramp up production to have it done by BLFC 2019 (Which is in our hometown!)

Tonight, I dragged out the bag containing my fur and found it to be Crimped and pressed in the worst way. I'm currently sitting at my dining room table, with nothing on it except Fur, a brush & a HAIR DRYER! You put the hair dryer on high heat with low blowing and it heats up the fur so you can straighten it via the brush! By far one of the weirdest things I've ever done...
I hope to begin to fur the head by next week. But I still need a basic black fur for my markings.