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My first hand-paws


Weed n hoes dealer
Hi! I wanted to show my sewing project. I am a beginner in fursuiting, but I have some clue about sewing and hand-sewing so I am not totally lost in this topic. I have made my first furry hand-paws. Are they well done? Something I do not understand is how do some fursuiters make their paws look so stuffed while mines look saggy, or how do they do the pattern to correctly add the claws.


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Kellan Meig'h

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The paws that look stuffed? They are stuffed with either a batting or they have foam in the backs of the paws. Image laying your hand, palm up on a sheet of batting or 1/2" to 1" foam. Trace out what you want the paw shape to be around your hand. Put on a light cotton gardening glove and tack it to the foam with hot glue. Maybe add a thin layer of foam to the palm side of the new paw, then fur it out. Sew the cuff of the glove to the fur at the wrist opening, good to go.

Claws are made with either stuffed shiny fabric or just use resin claws. You just put a slit in the finger tip where you want the claw, then sew or glue the claw into place. Resin claws can be found on Etsy.