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My first yarn tail(s)


Bomb Rider
Secret furrymason handshake to y'all!

Lookie what I've made wth my own hands^^


So what do you think? I personnally love it, it moves really well and will do great when I'm jumping around on stage!


More Metal Than You !!!
They look pretty good to me, maybe could be a little better if you brush them out a little more, but not bad at all overall.

Just for reference, here's my first attempt at a yarn tail:


Just made that one about a month ago...I'm really proud of it xD


Bomb Rider
That's cool!

Allow me to express my profound gratitude for this radious, bright, and overall satisfying comment.

From France with fromage and froment,

Dr. KookyFox, docteur en entropie P.h.D, mastère en stupidité M.D

PS: Oui oui monsieur, Tour Eiffel, baguette and a myriad of other french stuff.

PPS: btw I'm trying to sound funny!
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