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My Fursona Bio (thx Arrow Tibbs)


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So Arrow Tibbs made a thread about personal bios, and he made a template. So this is my character’s bio.

Name: Aaron
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Shiba Inu
Height: 175.6cm
Weight: 86KG
Sexuality: Asexual

- Hair and fur: Golden and white fur
- Markings: None
- Eye color: Green
- Other features: Bushy Tail, always has his hidden blades with him.
Behavior and Personality: Friendly, huggable, pacifistic

Skills: 5 years of assassin trainings, gaming champion
Weaknesses: Tickles, bad jokes, easily distracted

Likes: literally any type of music, playing games
Dislikes: Templars, bad movies, killing, bad jokes

Clothing/Personal Style: Wears his Assassin outfit on a daily basis, unless there’s a special occasion.

Goal: Live life happily, and serve some justice along the way.
Profession: Assassin Fifth Rank (Next is Master Assassin)
Personal quote: No matter the trouble, there’ll always be your best friends.
Birthdate: 28/09/2004

Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite drink: Soda
Favorite location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Favorite weather: Cloudy
Favorite color: Lime Green

Least liked food: Spicy stuff
Least liked drink: Wine
Least liked location: Antarctica (he actually went there once)
Least liked weather: Snow

Favorite person: His mentor, Ryan.
Least liked person: The traitor of the Assassins, is who was also his brother, Micheal
Enemies: The Templars
Significant other: Nova, his girlfriend

I just made this because I had spare time. Please give some thoughts on it.

Have a pleasant remainder of the day.
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Some thoughts

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Question: if he doesn't like killing, why did he become an assassin? And a super high ranking one at that. Even if he supported their cause, their whole shtick is murder and there are other ways to carry out justice. Just curious since that seemed rather out of place.


Sneaky Lurker Boi?
Well, he is an assassin because he wants to defeat the Templars. The goal is to prevent them from getting the artifacts of Eden, and most people think that killing members of the Templars makes things easier. But Aaron thinks differently, and feels like "Everybody gets a second chance, no matter the cruel things you've done in your life."
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