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My Fursona (Feedback/Criticism Wanted!)


I am new to the furry community and to Furaffinity! I finalized the forward-facing design of my fursona, Kiraan, today, after working on it for a week. He doesn't have a specific species; he's just a rodent. Looking for feedback/criticism on his design and my art skills. Planning to create a full reference sheet when possible. Thank you in advance!



Just a fox.
Hello and welcome!

I love your design and style! It instantly reminded me of the old Pokémon style and other older anime too, (I mean that as a huge compliment). I like the lines, detail, and shading. And the design itself, is really interesting and unique.

My only criticism, and I had to really look for something (and is more of a personal preference), would be the symmetry. With the texture of the lines, it shows off the symmetry a lot. The shading helps tone it down. But if the symmetry isn't an effect you're going for, I would suggest just tracing the lines in some spots.

But I really look forward to seeing more of your art.


Thank you for your support and for your feedback, Kuroserama! Your words put a big smile on my face this morning.

As this was mainly a reference piece, I didn't really care about the obvious line symmetry, but I will definitely keep that in mind as something to avoid in the future! Looking forward to creating more artworks as time permits.


Gundam Meister
Yeah it kinda looks like Pokemon (which I don't think is bad, I love Pokemon). It wasn't fully clear to me that this was a rodent to be honest. Perhaps it is a combination of the color and the nose. Maybe try to make it more like a nose from a rodent?
There is plenty of examples online: