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My fursona MetroidFan (a bio)


A new user has appeared!
Species:Yellow Kitsune
Outfit:Sleeveless green hoodie,camo pants,and combat boots with red fighting gloves
Personality:Funny,kind,and a bit mischievous and flirty :3
Likes:Mountain dew,gaming,girls,making friends,and boobs x3
Hates: People that are mean to his friends,jerks on the internet
Fears:Losing those around him
Hair:Bushy blonde
Backstory:MetroidFan had never seen his parents since he was 4 years old.Since then,he tried to fend for himself.He ends up turning to gaming to calm himself and he has been gaming ever since.He tends to like girls a lot and he also likes titties and ass (boy,does he like those two things)

Here are his powers
Psychokinesis:MetroidFan can lift very heavy objects with this ability,making stuff easier for him.He can also use shadow balls to attack his enemies
Teleportation:He can teleport anywhere at any given time
Electricity:MetroidFan can even use the power of electricity as a deadly weapon.He can create a impenetrable shock shield,summon lightning,use force lightning,and uses a electrified pylon battering weapon.

Relationship status:Single
Fun facts:
He knows a lot of Pokemon by heart
He has an inflation fetish (it was my idea,shut up... T_T)
He's acts aloof around hot girls
He's also a good friend of Sans the skeleton (don't hate,plz)
He's so strong that he once beat the Hulk in an arm wrestling match