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My Fursona


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Well, here it is.
Still sharpening some points here and there. (pics pending as well).

Zanon is based on me (on some /vast majority/ points). I'm still changing some stuff before I actually post some pictures and consider this one done.

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Name:Zanon[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Nicknames:Zan,Z ...
Height:1.81m (~5.9 ft)
Weight:84kg (~185 lb)

-Hair and fur: Regulartiger fur, a bit darker than usual(patterns and colours), dark brownhair, 2 small tufts in his ears.
-Markings: regulartiger patterns.
-Eye color: righteye is light blue, the left eye is light green
-Other features: none

Behaviorand Personality:
Despitebeing used to be alone or with few people, Zanon likes to hangwithmostly everyone, despite being very very shy/timid. It takes a whilefor him to feel comfortable around others, before he leaves his tinylittle shell. He's a pacifist, hating all kinds of violence. He lovesNature. He is also a very comprehensive person, a good listener butmostly a good friend, always wanting his friends to share theirgriefs with him, so they don't feel alone nor abandonned. Zanon doesnot stand for intolerance, sometimes voicing his opinion on thismatter when he faces certain situations.

Skills:Writing(overall, but mostly poetry), Good listener.
Weaknesses:perhaps a bit naïve, sometimes he truly believes some people aregood when they, clearly, are not.

Likes:Music,Food, Poetry, Nature, matching people, watching cartoons.
Dislikes:Violence,Hatred, Envy, Greed and stupid arguments people have over eachothers'tastes, Futile people who believe that looking good is essencial tobe loved by others.

Zanonis quite the complicated Subject.
Hehates and loves people. He says he can't stand being on a crowdedplace, like a Mall (especially malls) due to the fact that he hascomplexes about himself, physically speaking the most. He's actuallya very reservated fella, with a "somewhat" dark past heprefers not to talk about with anyone, until he feels the persondeserves to know it.
Zanon'snever been the kind of "new partner every week" person, notonly due to his shy and timid nature, but also because he truly neverfelt a strong emotion towards someone, despite the person'sgender.
Hispurpose is to find a group where he can fit in, without being afraidto show his likings, and, perhaps, settle and find the definite"someone" he so much seeks, with no more complexes norother problems on being who he is.

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]---

Head: blackhair + ear pearcing in his left ear. Sometimes with a regular blackcap.
Arms: -
Torso: tipicaltiger fur with tiger markings in his back, somewhat white belly, abit muscley. Sometimes wears either a black shirt or a white shirtwith a Tiger on it.
Legs: If dressed, grey jeans, or regular, dark blue jeans.
Feet: Bare.Rarely found wearing anything.

Goal: FindSoulmate & meet new people with new interests
Profession: Dreamer.
Personalquote: "Theworld is getting darker, yet light is still to be found in everyone'sheart, deep inside."
Themesong:Portuguese: "OrnatosVioleta - Ouvi Dizer" |Foreign: "Phil Collins - Another Day inParadise"
Birthdate: Thursday,March 29th 1990
Starsign: Aries.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]FavouriteActivities:Reading and writing aside, Zanon loves Chess. That and, basicallygames that call for a challenge. Difficult ones, preferrably. Zanonalso likes walking. A nice walk in somewhere where he can see trees,hear birds, feel the wind.

Favoritefood: LovesPizza the most. But he also appreciates rice. hmmmm... riiiiice...[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]FavouriteDessert:Anything with chocolate... just... anything. Throw it at him, andit's almost sure you won't see it again... not even the plate!
FavouriteSnack:Cookies... then again, who doesn't like cookies?
Favoritedrink: Water,Orange and Apple Juice
Favoritelocation: Somewherequiet and with a nice landscape.
Favoriteweather: Cloudy,Windy or Rainy (or all of them)
Favoritecolor: Red,Blue and Green.

Leastliked food: COD...(not Call of Duty... COD as the fish)
Leastliked drink: Wine,and, pretty much, alcohol.
Leastliked location: Malls!
Leastliked weather: Hotand Sunny.

Favoriteperson: First of all, his mother.
Leastliked person: There is someone, but it doesn't really matter, hethinks.
Friends: Quitea few (I can count them with my hands) but all worth theeffort.
Relations: None.
Enemies: Zanonbelieves everyone has an enemy somewhere... He probably has some aswell, but doesn't know who they might be, and honestly, he doesn'treally care.
Significantother: No one to the present day.
Orientation: Genderdoes not really matter.[/FONT]
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Digital Hazard
That seems to be a nicely thought out 'sona. Was a good read, although I don't think we'd get along very well (I may have a protective nature over my friends, but that turns very, very violent when I want to protect a friend... or eat ;3)


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That was pretty fun to read! I should probably start mine... I'll work on it tonight.


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@Growlmon: Thanks ^^ I don't show any sign of rage unless provoked to do such.
@Hewge: And you know I thank you ~ Pics will be available soon.
@FangTheWolf: Thanks ^^ I'll be waiting to read yours as well.

I'll be updating this, tweaking that though.
To everyone who read so far, a big thank you <3


De Oppresso Liber
Your fursona actually reminds me of myself in some aspects... I am pretty shy yet I enjoy the presence of others. However, I am by no means a pacifist. While I do enjoy peace, in my eyes the only way to obtain it is with a "splendid little war".
It definitely was one of the more interesting and 'brighter' (happier) things that I have read lately. If I could make a suggestion, why not include Zanons favorite activities?


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Actually working on that too :> I've been editing a .txt here and posting corrections little by little :> (hence why I have no pics atm :>)
Well, I do like a brawl every now and then, but just a friendly type of brawl... Speaking for myself, I'd rather not get involved in violent situations, due to the fact that I don't know how far my strength extends, thus being afraid of doing something I might regret afterwards.

Again, thanks <3


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Being a lacrosse player (not the stereotypical type) makes me have a 'more violent approach' to certain things, but don't get me wrong. I am very rational, it's just that I believe that sometimes violence gets the job done quicker.


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^I know right?

It also depends on your mood. The better your mood, the better you can control yourself. I'm no "peace maker" at all. If I get someone grinding my gears for a long time, eventually, something will pop and I'll go blind all of a sudden. (Happened once, never again) Hence why I prefer to avoid physical confrontations. ^^