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My Fursona


Sly and Cunning
Name: Orion De Merwe
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Fox
Height: 6"2
Weight: 135

Appearance: Fox with two black stripes from forehead to tail and one on the underbelly
- Hair and fur: Crimson red with a white tip on the tail
- Markings: birth mark of what others say is a anchor on left side of back
- Eye color: Green with blue pupils
- Other features:N/A
Behavior and Personality: Quiet keeps to himself. At night he roams the forrest and looks at the stars. Although he is timid he will help those that are lost or in need.

Skills: Uses more tactical approaches when confronted with danger. Good with technology such as computers
Weaknesses: Has a dark side. He does not forget those who wronged him. Lets anger build up. Thinks of others needs before himself.
Likes: Simple alone time. Hanging out with a select few friends. Computers
Dislikes: Politics, rap music, infomercials

History: Born and raised in Washington DC. Mother a nurse Father a computer techician. Private schooling 13 years. Currently in college. However he wishes to back at the den with friends but knows this route is for the best. Full anthro fox

Clothing/Personal Style: Simple jeans and a tshirt sometimes with logos. Nothing gothic

Goal: Major in Information Technology Systems. Hopefully plans to marry and have 1 child
Profession: Student
Personal quote: "The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action." (John Dewey)
Theme songs: "Nine Inch Nails"-Closer, "Three Days Grace"-Time of Dying
Birthdate:January 10 1988
Star sign: Capricorn

Favorite food:Chicken, Pork, Ham
Favorite drink: Dr Pepper
Favorite location: Las Vegas Navada (Last summer was awesome :D)
Favorite weather: Snow
Favorite color: Green

Least liked food: Eggs
Least liked drink: Any energy drink
Least liked location:Colorado (I liked the snow but that was ridiculous)
Least liked weather: Rain

Favorite person: Mallory Mattlak (Best friend since 5th grade) *no longer dating* :(
Least liked person: Todd Manuel (Thank god hes in the marines)
Friends: Mallory Mattlak, Matt Jonesm Grant Philips Jon Nickerson
Relations: Cousins-Timmy, Kelcie, Kaitlin No brothers No sisters
Enemies: "see least liked person"
Significant other: none :(
Orientation: Bisexual

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the new fur
not necessarily.
i, for one, tend to like fursona's with more realistic personalities. my main character/fursona, for example, has most of the same interests, dislikes, sense of humor and so on and so forth as me. also, if you want to know something, i can relate to your fursona in some ways, which is important in a good character.
boring? no, i don't think so.
a character with no personality? now THAT'S boring.
nice fursona!