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My Hybrid Fursona (no artwork yet)


(I took the bio form stickied just to try to answer all of these)

Name: BOB-42
Nickname: Sharky
Age: 136
Sex: Male
Species: Hybrid (Protogen + Shark + Tank)
Height: Regular Form - 7'4 | Tank Form - 12'4
Weight: Regular Form - 36k | Tank Form - 57k

Appearance: Protogen
- Colors: Hair color = Teal | Fur color = Cerulean | Metal color = Dark Grey | Tank Color = Camo Green
- Markings: No markings
- Eye color: Dark Blue
- Other features: Has full body suit that protects him, can turn into tank
Behavior and Personality: Likes hugging when there is no danger. Will attack anything that harms his friends. Clingy personality, Friendly too

Skills: Tank Form, Can Revive the USSR, Time Stop
Weaknesses: Can get mad easily sometimes, weak to Capitalism

Likes: USSR, Video Games, Discord, Reddit, Building
Dislikes: When people annoy me on purpose, discord server raids.

History: The protogen, BOB-42, was part of the Great War that engulfed the world with radioactivity and was one of the few survivors. Since is part robot, it survived the radioactivity but still misses it's lost friends, he was under control of the humans during the war so he hasn't seen his friends since the humans took him, he knew a nuke was coming so he ran away from the humans and ran as far as he could meanwhile taking the control chip out of him. He is now a survivor of the great war and even after a hundred years in hiding, the radioactivity is as bad as ever. He has grouped up with other animals and ran into a fallen city with barely any radioactivity and is currently attempting to survive there.

Blood Type: O+

Clothing/Personal Style: Likes wearing fedoras, wears headphones if has no fedora on. Has full body suit that protects him too.
Picture: Got none yet

Profession: No exact profession, just does what he needs
Birthdate: Jan 26, 3819
Star sign: Aquarius

Favorite food: Escargot
Favorite drink: Pina Colada
Favorite weather: Rainy
Favorite color: Teal

Least liked food: Tofu
Least liked drink: (dont hate plz) Coca Cola
Least liked weather: sandstorm (gets sand on his gears, annoying to take out)


That's who my fursona is, hope to have a good time with you all.

Also unsure if that is all, but it is all i have so far. might edit later
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