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My Idea for a unique system for fursuits (critique/input wanted)

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New Member
I'm going to keep this brief.

I figured, to improve comfort and to add some more variations for a lower cost, that a pants-top/bodysuit combo would be a good alternative.

I have had the idea to make a slimmer, less smothering version of a fursuit that is more bathroom friendly and better for those who have various disabilities, especially those with heat sensitivities and sensory issues.

Easier washing will be a thing due to me using either a base of under-armor or similar clothing, or a hand-drafted pattern based on the individuals measurements. I will be adding some "wiggle room" to the patterns, however, to protect the seams and make it more comfortable. I do have extensive experience in drafting sewing patterns, and took a class in high school on it as well.

In addition, it would allow for "cosplays" and "clothes" to be layered over without dying. I made a prototype pattern that I will try making once I get the funds, but I figured I could post this idea on the forum to see if it'll be a popular enough idea to actually start a shop for.

I also am better at things like snakes, aquatic creatures, and bugs than big fluffy things like cats and dogs, so it'll look better in my opinion for those types of suits.

Plus, the materials I use means there will be easier upkeep, more comfort, a wider variety of colors readily available, and lower costs.

It'll be kind of rough at first, but I figure it'll be a good way to expand on accessibility and a fun way to improve my skills.


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Im not sure what your idea? is other then just the general thing most makers try to do. What is it exactly?

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Yeah, +1 on being lost here. The reason most suits are one-piece is to avoid that unsightly blaring open of the suit at the waist. Most suits are not built directly on top of the Underarmor or dive skin, those are worn underneath to protect the suit from your sweat. And, let's face it; a fursuit is hot no matter what. Different levels of comfort can be achieved by how sparse the fur used is wefted, how snug it fits because snugger=cooler; no dead air spaces to heat up and lastly, whether or not you spring for an EZ Cooldown vest. As far as I'm concerned, that cooling vest should be part of every suiter's kit.

Care to clarify, if you're really looking for feedback?


The Foxy Goddess
Yeah, like what the others have said, I think you need to elaborate more on what you are trying to accomplish


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I'd look more into quick dry materials. They are usually used for most actiivewear and can easily keep form without being too tight. Also they sell a lot of materials at amazon too now.

I would suggest more but gotta keep some construction methods secret for my furmaking. ; ) hint:look up bigger cell foams.


aka Cutter Cat
If you use foam, use the green upholstery foam. Don't use the tan urethane foam as it degrades with UV light... even through the fur, although it takes a while. As far as loose/tight suits are concerned, some makers say that tight fits reduce head, but I am of the school that thinks loose fit is better as it allows the heat to travel out. Anyway, I have tips if you note me here or on FA. My FA name is the same... Keefur.


4-tailed kitsune
Are you talking about making animal body suits for non-fuzzy creatures instead of using fur everywhere, with maybe fabric details added, or what exactly do you mean?
By animal body suits I mean something like this:

Though I know you'd be doing it in 2 pieces instead. Also don't be discouraged. It may be a great idea but people are just having a hard time understanding the description. Your demo prototype will probably help a lot.