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My improvement so far... Critique at will!


Bomb Rider
So here's my latest submission to FA, I'd like to know what you think of it and what could and should be impoved.
Have no restrain on harshness, just be constructive.


Now unleash the critique, and btw critique me on absolutely EVERYTHING!


New Member
I really like the funny little decals on the plane. They are very amusing.

First and foremost, I would recommend that you study basic shapes (spheres, cubes, cones, etc) and
how they make up everything you see in the world. I say this because your submission looks a bit flat.

Practice identifying basic shapes in everyday objects (Cylinder in a can, sphere in a ball, cube in a book).
Doing so will really help you understand things with a 3-D mindset.

You've done good work here. Keep working. c:


What DOES my username mean...?
Seconding Goatsby.
if it weren't for the riveting, the plane would look a tad flat. Feel free to go a little curvy with the curve of the rivets around the body of the plane and remember to swap direction to give it depth. Speaking of depth, both the top and bottom wings wouldn't both come towards the viewer at the same angle, so try giving one (or both) some added perspective up or down relative to the body of the plane. You got the perspective good on the windshield, though, i'll give you that. Nice touch on the oil stains behind the engine too. Also, your pilot clearly needs a scarf.
Now for some trivia:
You know why pilots wore those silk scarves? Because they'd always be flying through a constant spray of oil! in fact, the term to "hit the ground running" was due to the pilots ingesting the motor oil while in flight. After a few hours of flying through spritzes and sprays of oil and swallowing some a bit at a time would wreak havoc on pilots' intestines. To "hit the ground running" refers to pilots who'd land their plane and immediately beat feet to the closest lavatory which was conveniently put near the end of the runway for JUST that purpose.