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My latest project


4-tailed kitsune


Rara for short :)
Though some centaur costumes actually have moving legs!

It's cool to see more unusual types or fursuits btw :)
Yes, it has an internal frame with wheels on the bottom of the back hooves. I'm going to post a how to once I get the back fully attached. And once the weather cools enough I'll take some videos of me trotting around.

I did consider moving legs but I decided to make him just out of stuff I had at home. And this way I could focus on leg shape before learning movement. Plus while there are a couple how to videos on YouTube for making moving centaur legs they dont really move like a horses does. But this is a prototype made of cheap material so I can work out how to do things without breaking the bank. I had never even made a horse suit before, and I have to fir the first time work out 4 arms, a centaur back, a two peice design (I can wear just the bottom as a centuar costume). Oh and one other first for me you might see in the pictures to help show expression.