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Oleander is SOLD
As usual spring has come early in Louisiana, so I made these ponies based off of some of my favorite flowers! Each pony is $10, payable through PayPal. The email is honeybonniebunny@gmail.com. If you're interested just comment or send me a message to claim, and once the money is sent I'll send you their individual file. Thank you for reading! ^^

1.) Please be ready to pay within 24 hours of claiming. Of course if for some reason I don't get to your note/comment before then, you'll still have dibs.
2.) If you adopt one of these ponies feel free to change their, gender, species, or small details like eye color.
3.) Please credit me the first time you use them~
4.) I would prefer if these are not resold, but if you do resell them please don't do it for more than what you paid, and credit me!

Commissions are also open!