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My name is SecreT and I'm a human...


Just checkin' in
Give me a bit room here, I might use expresions that are not correct because of my english knowledge. >.>
I wanted to mean that "I don't have a fursona and it makes me feel sad"

Sorry. It was a 4chan meme. I probably should have figured you werent familiar with it.


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Honestly, while I may have a main character that is an anthropomorphic creature, I have no "fursona," by the most common definition of the word, and I quite like it that way. SO, I have no issue with other folks without "fursonas" hangin' about. ;3

It's the same for me. I don't have a fursona, but I do have a character I use a lot. So a lot of my own traits are present in him, but he isn't actually supposed to be me. Honestly I think you'll be fine here either way. Just don't push it, having a fursona is NOT a prerequisite to be on these forums.


welcome... furrys are very excepting {most of the time} i have more then one fursona but all of them where something i had developed for role playing to start with... and have been with me for years

keep watching for yours it will be special when you find it


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welcome... furrys are very excepting {most of the time}

I giggled at this. Ya poor, naive soul. *tents fingers all villain-like* :}

To the op: Don't worry about it, it's not like a requirement or something. I was into this stuff for months before I made a character for myself. [And now I have three, who'd've thunk it?]

Also, welcome, and enjoy yaself. :]


I have that exact same problem. People can tell a lot about you by what kind of creature you may choose. Or even if they don't they will think the "stereotype" of such.
I'm so retentive with this problem I actually just gave up and decided to quit looking. I don't like searching for an empty answer.

What if I was a creature thats not even of earth? Hard to contemplate what that would even look like as most conceptionual artists use references of living creatures. Thus why I stopped searching.