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My new studio project


Check it out. Ambient electronic xenomorph doom. There is only one actual song up(that still needs alot of mixing) and a short rought preview of a song. Don't be too harsh :(



The completed piece had a very nice nostalgic sort of cyber-noir sound. I wasn't fond of the way the piece ended on that one cadence note (which I don't think was very cadence-y or finishing). The piece could've further benefited from more emphasis on the leitmotif (two-three tone progression), possibly by easing into removing the other layers and using soft percussion. I felt there were a few opportunities to explore using those tones, which seemed very hopeful in a quieted and oppressive backdrop of noir ambience. Other than that, I really didn't mind giving it a listen; and it definitely enabled a mode of thought to examine that 70-80's cyber-noir feeling.

Although, I'm not understanding the combination of Nostromo-Alien complex with the music. The music really feels outside of the sort of tense, sexual, and vulnerable atmosphere of the first movie. Maybe that's just me, though.

As for the preview piece...eh, I'm not going to comment unless you're looking for actual critique, it seemed to be still very rough around the edges.

Incidentally, I think this should probably be in the Blue Note? It'll probably get kicked down really fast in the Tube by YouTube videos and a bunch of other crap.
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See thats good critisim. Not just someone bitching about the flaws. You compared and contrasted the pros and the cons. I know what you mean about the ending(im redoing the song). And as far as the tension goes. Thats what the stoner-doom aspect of the music is going to be.


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