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my newest drawing/Tattoo i'm getting!

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Son of a WHORE!
Well, while you're at it... you should draw me a badass Eagle, Globe and Anchor to get on my right shoulder when I graduate bootcamp. :V

My condolences for your mother's passing, but in my opinion, that's one of the few times where having a tattoo that "tells a story" is a valid reason.
You may want to discuss this with your tattooist and have them sketch something. This way you ensure that it is something they can do proficiently and there's not really a big issue with quality, provided they are good at what they do.

Honestly I know you worked hard and I am sure you are proud of the design, but you don't need to come up with the design and the artwork. Most commissions I do are drawing designs other people have created. I have a bit more technical skill so it's the same things just with a few less problems with proportions and stuff.
You will get better at artwork, it isn't about the realism, it's that there are fundamental flaws in the proportions, line weight, and image qualities.
Why not have something that other people can be impressed with as well? Right now you're still learning so allow someone with more experience to fully express your design with technical skills so everyone can enjoy it and understand the image.

I don't mind your constructive criticism but I love the way it turned out and i dont want someone else to do it for me, I want it to be something i have done like i did with the other tattoos i have!


Son of a WHORE!
Wow, did you just make that up? Wow now i know people here are out their minds!
No, we're just very bitter and cruel. There's a difference, Sunshine-Bear.
Well, while you're at it... you should draw me a badass Eagle, Globe and Anchor to get on my right shoulder when I graduate bootcamp. :V

My condolences for your mother's passing, but in my opinion, that's one of the few times where having a tattoo that "tells a story" is a valid reason.

TY for the condolences and i can do that for you!


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This thread:



Son of a WHORE!
like i couldnt tell? and i'm not sunshine-bear! Trust me on that one!
But I call lots of people Sunshine-Bear. Can I call you Grumpy Bear instead? :V

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I don't mind your constructive criticism but I love the way it turned out and i dont want someone else to do it for me, I want it to be something i have done like i did with the other tattoos i have!

Well then do as you will as long as you are happy. Just understand the technical skill is something important to portraying an idea, and the idea can be better portrayed her, but that is something that requires more practice and development in your art.


that's someone elses body not mine!


Also, it's your body, do what you want. You /did/ ask what people thought of your drawing though, far as I can tell most some have been quite honest with you.
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I don't know about you, but for me after a year of drawing, the previous year looked like shit. After another year, the first year looked like shit. I'm in a little over two years, and things I did 3 months ago are shit now.

I don't want to be nasty, but I have to agree with everyone here. Your art is plain not very good. It's merely because so many artists have been doing this for a long time. My art isn't good, either. It takes years to practice something and master it. I've been playing piano for 12 years and still find songs that I just think "NOPE, NOT ABLE TO PLAY THAT" immediately.

If you really don't think you'll regret it, since it's more like an "I DESIGNED THIS!" kind of thing, go ahead, then. It's just that tattoos of any kind are a big, mostly permanent decision.

Honestly, this picture of yours looks a lot better.


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I wouldn't get that as a tattoo just yet. I'm not sure how you go about deciding what to get inked on you or where, but I think you should really sit on an idea for a while before committing to it. I don't have any tattoos personally, not because I don't want them, but because I want them to have serious meaning, thought put into them, and a solid reason for getting them. If you want to express yourself artistically using your body as a canvas, then that's your right, but at the same time how many of the pictures you drew years ago are present in your everyday life?

For me, pictures I drew years ago are collecting dust, real or virtual, and I hardly look at them. If you tattoo that picture onto yourself, you'll have to look at it every day. You want to impress others and make a solid artistic statement with your body, so that brings the idea of a portfolio to mind. A portfolio filled with random a assortment of works that aren't at least adhering to basic anatomical structure, perception, and line work isn't going to get you anywhere. From what I've seen, you've gotten tattoos just because. Do the cherries connect in some way to the token about your mom? Why is the star there? Does one tattoo have anything to do with another at all? It appears as if you get an idea in your head of what looks "Badass" or "Cute" and then you rush into the shop to get it inked on yourself.

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Why not try it on a shirt? you can show off your design, and when the "this is the best" thing wears off (it always does) you can adjust things and make it better.
If you like it then take the next step, if not then it's not permanently attached to your skin and you get something you like.


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Wow, did you just make that up?

Funny enough, a lot of those are still immensely better than what you're considering getting.

i'm getting that as a tattoo! No matter what you say will stop me!
Then why are you asking us?
Why did you make this thread?
Were you just looking for compliments towards your idea? Because you're not going to get them here. Not with that kind of stuff, nor that kind of attitude.


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It isn't "good", it looks terrible.

The lines aren't straight, I presume MS Paint was the program used? The hands don't look at all like hands; the top hand looks like a beehive, and the other one doesn't look like anything at all really. Her left arm (the right side of the picture) disappears... is she handicapped? What is going on around her belly button? Are those supposed to be piercings, because all I see are a few confusingly mysterious circles? There is no foreshortening with her thighs-knees (which would explain why they are so short if you had actually succeeded at that). Presumably she is wearing a miniskirt, but it's a vague guess at best. Is her tongue out, or is her mouth just open, I can't tell? The jaw-line is all wrong. The swords are totally uninspired and boring (the handles aren't even straight). Her shoulder and neck are pretty mangled-looking. The one armpit is just anatomically wrong. And I could just keep going like this...

It does not matter that you weren't going for "realistic", a basic accuracy of anatomy is still essential. Even whacky cartoon artists don't do away with anatomy, they emphasize it.

I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just informing you bluntly. Keep drawing and improve first. The best artists in the world are heavily critical of their own work; if you can't see the flaws in yours, that is an immaturity issue. You will regret turning that into a tattoo. If you don't regret it, I wouldn't know what to tell you, there's something very unhealthy.

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Why did you even make this thread if you're not even going to take anyone's advice that this might be a pretty awful idea? You clearly don't want any kind of help even though you asked us to tell you what we think.

This thread:

Well, it's certainly as bad as​ as this thread and I hope it disappears into obscurity soon.



Tell me what you think either under the picture or under this post! I hope I get good responses!:-D

No. No. No. No.

I don't know how long you've been drawing but for the love of god take the time to get better. Or commission someone to help you. Doesn't really matter. Just... no.

It's not that it's bad for someone who hasn't drawn a lot (and, judging by your gallery, I don't think you have,) but it is not at all something you want on your skin. Trust me, one way or another, you can do better.

And then I spent half an hour looking at shitty tattoos.


EDIT: My favorites are the ones with stupid hipster slogans that are horribly botched in grammar and have little stars everywhere. So much failure.

Anotheredit: This failure is highly relevant to the thread.
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Good idea|----------------------------------------------------|Bad idea|----------------------------|This

I lol'd so hard at that.

Anyway to the OP:

Honestly I would get the tattoo artist to design it for you. Often times it ends up looking better because well, thats their job. I know a tattoo artist personally, and he would much rather people let him work on the drawing himself so he can really get to know the piece in order to do it properly. Plus they may have some great ideas that you may not have even thought of.
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