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Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
EDIT: New title, because I wanted to post my artowrk of my scalesona.

I made my scalesona about a month ago.

What do you think of my perma-preggy dragon, Plouc?

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vaporeon character != mushroom characters
first impression is that its a pretty fetishy(not that its a bad thing, just its different to those without the fetish)character, but i am also tried, so i will come back later for second first impressions of the character

gets mentally distracted by what first impressions really are, am i ment to just give a quick look without major thought to fit the goal, or is that over thinking it(easly distracted when tired)

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
I also forgot about his biography

Name: Plouc
Age: 21 years old (Born on June 19th, 2001)
Gender: Cuntboy (Andromorph)
Species: Western Dragon
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 300 lbs + 450 lbs during permanent pregnancy

Appearance: He's a blue cuntboy dragon with a vagina, with orange wings & horns, with a pregnant belly
- Hair: Dark brown
- Body shape: Pear (same body shape as Reignited Magnus the Peacekeeper and hg3300's Hareweald)
- Markings: Cyan spots (on his shoulders, elbows, knees, back, and spade tail)
- Eye & sclera color: Black eyes and deep golden sclera
- Everyday Clothing: Yellow and Red Shirt with his name on it
- Other features: He's 36 weeks permanently pregnant with a baby dragon in his womb
- Behavior and Personality: Calm, peaceful, and cheerful

Color Hex Palettes:
- Dragon Scale: #0083ff
- Dragon Plate Belly, Spots Marking: #00ffff
- Hair: #803300
- Eye Color & Sclera: #000000 (Eye Color) / #ffea00 (Sclera)
- Dragon Wings & Claws: #ff7a00

Skills: Fire Breath, Flight, and Strength
Weaknesses: He can get quite heavy with his belly

Likes: Magnus, Spyro, carvings, making friends
Dislikes: Murders, blood, being made fun for his appearance

Bio: My main scalesona. He's calm, peaceful, and cheerful. He was an original Spyro Reignited character, and he's 36 weeks permanently pregnant.

He was born as an andromorph (cuntboy) by his mother Maleficent, anthrofied, married with his father Magnus the Peace Keeper. He lives in the Artisans Homeworld, in the Dragon Realms.

At his young age, he lost her mother after seeing her being slain by the heart. Both him and his father Magnus the Peace Keeper continues their lives while remembering their deceased mother.

Growing up into an adult and become a new member of the Artisans Dragon Guild, he suddenly gotten himself gone and got himself 36 weeks permanently pregnant with a singleton inside his womb, by random magic. He was later transformed into a green emerald dragon statue at the beginning of the first Spyro game and taken away by the Gnasty Gnorc. He was later rescued by Spyro, who became friends.

But he experiences stretch marks on his belly, causing to Spyro's friends to take care of him. He has some pregnancy cravings for food, he always preferred to eat some "Ice Cream with Pickles and Shrimp drowning in Ketchup".