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Art Trade: My Poetry for Fursona Avatar?


AAAA! Not the bees! Not the bees!!!
Hello! I'm a poet and I thought it'd be fun to do an art trade for a color avatar of my fursona.
My fursona is an eastern carpenter bee with a pink curly mohawk and a spiky leather jacket. I can send pics of myself for reference if need be.
I have some examples of my work on furaffinity but my main portfolio is over here and I have commission reviews over here.
I'd like to offer my usual commission in exchange so in brief that's 15 lines of poetry, any style and can be multiple poems. I usually write them on twitch so I ask to keep in mind their TOS, but I can do off twitch it will just take me longer to write. I ask for 2 weeks advance for deadlines if it's ok to stream, and 1 month if not. I'm cool with doing nsfw and kink. I'd also like to be able to use the poem as an example of my work in the future and you can for your art too.

Bio of fursona-
Species: Eastern carpenter bee
Sex: Male
Gender: nonbinary
Age: Young, mid 20's for humans
Weight: chubby and round
Hair color: bright pink on head, normal yellow and black bee colors elsewhere
Hair type: 2C mohawk
Eye color: black compound eyes
Markings: male eastern carpenter bees have white faces so that
Behavior/personality: chill and confident
Clothing: black leather jacket with large silver spikes along the collar, shoulders, and back
ideally I'd like something that looks pretty similar to the species but with the jacket and hair like what they do with cartoons and the no-pants treatment
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Baron Tredegar

Master of Forgotten Lore
I am terrible at drawing but I wanted to drop in and tell you I think this is a really cool idea! And welcome to the forums!


Deaf artist

Want to fave the bee? click my FA!

I outdid myself on this one! I hope you like it! o3o