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Art Trade: My queen cheetah needs art and I offer a trade :3 (OPEN, SFW only)


Friendly Maned Fox + Phoenix
hello! this is my first *trade post!

this is Wynstar Wynn she's a queen cheetah, my second main fursona.. who has very few artworks,

all of them aren't published and are wip designs, and I would like to trade art of her (sfw) because she deserves more art, I would like to see what people can come up with this trade! :3

you have total artistic freedom to draw her, Egypt themed, New york café, Space fighter... Whatever! Be creative! :3

And in exchange I will draw your fursona! (My limit is... I dunno, but I will take my time to do it! :3)

So feel free to drop your ref below and tell me if you are interested in joining my trade as well! :3

Refsheet (W.I.P.):
Wynstar made with jusnake base:
Wynstar Savannah Retro pink girl!.png
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Friendly Maned Fox + Phoenix