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Commission Work: Short Story and One-Off Writer!
So rent kicked my paychecks ass more than i excpected, so i have two characters a Hyena and a Raptor who are just text. Does anyone mind doing a trade? I have a few OCs I don't use and would gladly trade 2 for the two characters. I will glaldy commission the artists who i trade with once my money balances out.
Name: Monica
Age: 52
Sex: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Species: Hyena
Personality: A loving and caring mother who often times has a very naughty and seductive side around younger men especially wolves, tigers, and aliens. Often opting for dinner and dancing, she is never shy about watching her younger neighbor Sean work on his car from her bedroom window. She is a good person at heart and loves her kids but just has no drive for men her age.
Design: Natural Hyena colors, her body is full figured and busty with a nice round but thick rear and large but realistic thighs, the thicker the better.
Hair: She has a hairstyle exactly like Shinzee from the Lion King (1995) only its longer and ice white.

i wanna stress that she has to be a big girl, 6'4 big boobs, big round behind, big thighs, and a decent but not obese gut. She prides herself on being a chubby amazon but still likes to be able to be active during "fun time" she prides herself on her three assets I mentioned above.


Name: Rosie
Age: 32
Sex: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Species: Velociraptor
Personality: A badass and edgy rave punk, she enjoys Vaporwave, Synthwave, EDM, seeing her favorite Dj K0D1AK in concert just like her little sister. She's sarcastic and funny but has a heart of gold with a chunk of seductive Tsundere in her, she also shares this personality trait with her younger sister Tanya.
Body: Natural Raptor colors, her body is full figured and busty with a nice round but thick rear and large but realistic thighs.
Hair: A nice neon punk hairstyle that makes her look sexy but very much a rave girl.


Mystic Jackalope
I drew Monica for what kinda characters do you have?