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My Wii is having trouble reading GC games


I couldn't decide where to put this thread, so if it's in the incorrect forum, would a mod please move it?

For some reason, my Wii sometimes can't read gamecube games. It started a week ago, when I decided to replay Wind Waker. At first, everything was as awesome as I expected it to be. Then, it said "Error. Disc could not be read. Please turn the power off and consult the GameCube manual." So after a minute of disbelief, I turned it off, and tried again. this time it cut out before the title screen. After a third time, it worked provided I saved every few minutes(or so I pretended to believe).

The next night, I remembered that my Wii was a little dusty. I carefully cleaned out as much as I could with a vacuum, and it worked out just fine for almost two days.

I tried to find out why this was happening, but I couldn't find any info on Wiis not read gamecube games. My Wii has no problem with downloaded games or Wii games. Just gamecube.

So, any ideas FAF?

Fox Fang

Are you having this problem with just Wind Waker or with other GC games as well? If other GC games works fine then most likely it's the WW game disc that is defected. Probably got scratched or something.

If it's the disc then try cleaning it with a smooth white piece of cloth.