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Every Egg contains a Digimon-like creature. You can choose if humanoid or furry (& gender of course.) if you win.

SB: 8$

When you win, you will get the Egg in full size, your creature, a color sheet & a little biography sheet you can fill out if you like.
Also, after you got your egg and like the design, you can choose from the following extras:

- Reference Sheet (2 Poses, 3 Expressions) for +10$
- Headshot Sheet (5 Headshots with different expressions & Backgrounds, mostly used for RPs.) for +10$
- A Semirealistic HQ Fanart for +15$
- A live 2D animated Emote (Example in my Gallery) for +20$

Autobuy: 25$
Autobuy full package: 60$

All art is by me, Vanilla ~ Bid in the comments & use the color of the EGG please to specify which one you want c:
(Purple, Darkblue, Ocean Blue, Pink, Green, Snow & Red)

Also, this Auction is also on Deviantart, Facebook & Amino. If someone bids there, I'll update it in the comments!
Payment is always via PayPal and in USD ~