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Mythical League [Interactive Story]

Jackpot Raccuki

Mind your manors
I've been wanting to make something like this, I doubt it'll go as I want, but I may as well have some fun with y'all.
I thought it should be a forum game, but y'know it's also story and more RP so I guess here is fine... Right?
Either way feel free to join, just keep up to date.

Rules / How to Interact

(Failing to interact as specified will mean your interaction doesn't exist.)

Keep it SFW.
Suggestions: Decided to update this and say that any/all "commands" using the right arrow are suggestions. Saying >Go to room is just a suggestion, the character may refuse it for whatever incharacter reason, often they'll do it though.
Basic Summon/Interaction: Keep your summons basic, if you want to give a character a steak, feel free to do so, but don't say give them one million dollars or harm them.
Non-direct interaction: No your character does not appear to greet them, treat this as if you're interacting with a game, to them you're just a magical white hand.
Keep updated to the most recent page: For all you might know, that character may not be here...
Avoid constant character switches: Yes, you heard that. You CAN change the focus to a different character, characters can be switched, avoid spamming it as constant spams will be ignored.
Have fun: Remember this is about entertainment, if you want to learn about characters ask them questions, make them do stuff (abiding by rules) or create drama!
Inputs: To avoid "meta" talk, all interactions should start with a right arrow [>] and use speechmarks if you wish to talk to them, otherwise it'll be a command like summoning a nice steak.
Like so:
>"How are you?"
>Summon cooked steak

>Go to [room]

Invalid Interactions
Click spoilers to view incorrect interactions.
"How are you?"
>How are you?
(Note this below would work)
>Describe your feelings
>Send Gridix to Space
>Swap to Like
>"How are you, Like?"
>"What's your ideal partner?"
"Do you like computer games?"

(Note: You can actually use it as a way for me, OOC to know what you may be refering to.)

( = Online) ( = Offline) ( = Active/Current)
(Drop down for all characters you can swap to and view their status.)
More characters can be unlocked and pestered throughout the story, check here if a new character was unlocked or not!
[Character] - [Gender + Species] - [Attributes] - [Status]
Lightning Voltze - Male Dragon - DJ, Territorial -
Zac Hallbern - Male Rabbit - Drummer, Laid back -
Xevavious Larmmxi - Male Werefox - Punk, Guitarist -
Gridix Cray - Male Labrador - Engineer, Programmer -
Rose Jett - Female Bear - Singer, Violinist -
Daisy Lizzy - Female Rabbit - Pianoist, Inspiring Artist -

(This will also sum up how future texts will be. User(s) will be mentioned if their interaction takes place)

A dragon stands in his room with purple and black scales and yellow lightning shape scales on him, his name was Lightning Voltze, recently turned 23 and is a leader of his band.
He had just finished band practice for the day and is now free to lounge around, most likely try out a few mixtapes he was recommened, or maybe talk to his gang online.
His plans were open like a book but as usual he didn't know what to focus on, maybe he might browse his phone online.

[Lightning is free to interact with.]
The following are free to be swapped to:
Zac, Xavavious, Gridix, Rose and Daisy
Klaubern and Flinn
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Jackpot Raccuki

Mind your manors
I'll start in terms of comments so peeps know what to do, and expect.

>Lightning text Xavavious

[Smexy Likeok4 suggested Lightning to text Xavavious!]

Dedicing he has nothing better to do, Lightning grabs his phone from his pocket, as he lazily wonders towards his bed past his DJ equipment and over the varies of different coloured clothing and glowsticks that have long since stopped glowing on the floor, as he manages to text to the werefox "What up??" as he let himself fall onto his bed with a soft sigh of relief as his head naturally moved towards the pillow to get comfy as he looks at his phone.
Xavavious was someone he could rely on, despite his punk nature he only ever listens to people in the group and is a loyal friend. Too loyal that he has to hold him back if someone talks negativly about them, not because of a fight, but because they know the werefox will stab and they'd rather not get in trouble for murder.

A few secounds fly by, and he watches the typing icon appear, he's online and writing a message which gave the dragon a slight sigh of relief, as it meant he had someone to talk to; usually the punk would be out with another friend of his so he must've caught him on the day he isn't, and he's an ideal source to find out what's going on, the fox always had something new everyday; which sometimes can be annoying but it does mean everyday is different.
After a few minutes the message was recieved as it said: "Not much tbh" followed by a near quick text of "Although just got my new leather ordered in ^^"

The dragon rolled his eyes at hearing the news, he knew the double caret was just how he expressed his excitement in text. His thumb slowly taps the touch screen keyboard with clicks as he writes back "Christ, again?" smiling to himself as he suppresses a chuckle as he continues to tap and write another text "I just felt Rose shaking her head from across time!" this time his smile grew too wide and he made a soft chuckle, he knew it was the truth, he fox always ordered leather jackets, or really anything leather to keep up with his punk style, the amount of leather kink jokes they've made is too much, as for Rose he knew she'd just shake her head, it was typical of him and she has been friends with Xavavious the longest, although she does admit that he can really pull off the punk look.

Lightning stares at his phone, awaiting for the next message to be recieved, he pondered if he should message someone else or message in the group chat about it.