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(Commission) Selling: n/sfw - all is welcome open commissions!


"Peace Day" will ever come! <з
<з my greetings <з
Let me offer my services to give me a chance to make a beautiful art to delight your soul with. :')
I am an amateur, but a diligent too!

комишны чарт VFKJQ.jpg

my GALLERY would tell you more about examples

Here you can find full ->TERMS OF SERVICE & info about DO/DONT'T & payment methods.
All prices are baselined, and may be changed depending on details, etc., because of personal approach, so please, don't be shy about any questions :")

Contact me via:
FA page DM's: MajorMeaty
Discord: minormeaty#3700
Gmail: majormeatywork@gmail.com
DM's on the forum

Thank you for the attention! Yours, Mia <з​