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N3 Ninety Nine Nights

this game is cool i think. what do you guys think of it? i already own it and i think anyone who liked the dynasty warriors game series will like this too.
silverwolfe said:
From what I've heard, it's really lack luster and unpolished. >.>

you heard wrong. i have this game. i had it before i made this thread. i think it's good. there are only 2 flaws i see with this game. 1 there is only 7 playable characters. and 2 there is no multiplayer mode. thas all i can see, and thas not that big a deal. if you want a button masher with alot of visual style and wave after wave of enemies to put the smackdown on then this is the game for you. if not, well we all have our preferences don't we?