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Name Changing?

Moar Krabs

Aight boys
I joined all the way back in 2017 I believe and this account was originally a troll account. I chose the name Moar Krabs but after a few days I realised that trolling got pretty boring so I just checked out the community and I liked it I guess. But now I'm just a regular user and the name Moar Krabs is pretty stupid. So I was hoping if FurAffinity could add the ability to change your name at least once.


Probably would have fit better in the Site Discussion thread, but Dragoneer is able to change usernames.


I absolutely agree. Back when I didnt really have a sona scales42 seemed like a good idea, but I dont want to make a new account either.:(


So can you just contact him and ask him to change your name? Is he even active? (The mods on this site aren't what you would call 'heroes')
Most are more active than you'd think, they just have more to do than constantly moderate here. They stated recently that they are training a new mod.
Yes, just send him a message.
Click Members at the top of FAF, and then click the Staff category.