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Name my Fursona


eerrruummm, i unno mate i kinda like it really me mates fink is proper bollocksed like

eerrr, lissen, mate, ya got any boos fare cuz all i gots is this rizzlers n sum fag butts wif a bit o' backie in .... n we can watch FAT PIES, n yunz can get me sum food n that, n i can sleep in yer bed... I'm not gay....

but seriously, I dunno man. really it's one of those things thats like not enough of one thing to even come up with a good name I can think of, not even just the name ya already use which is sorta what most people do anyway. You're gonna have to meditate on this one.


Wants More Wenches and Mead
I'm gonna go with...Hopper McShtuckerpus.

Or less funny and more serious...Mark, Marcus, or Keith :D


George Rudiger Haliwell.


How about Reginald? His nickname could be 'Reg the wedge'!


My Username is False
I don't like it when people do this. Its YOUR fursona, you name it.