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Name one furry you'd ship with your sona

Aika the manokit

Adorable fisherman
Not sure if this is good or frowned upon but let's wing it. Simply name a furry or someone on the site's Sona who you would ship with your sona. I'm not trying to start drama or anything. It's simply for laughs.

If this gets me a second strike with the mods, it's my own dang fault


Pet foxxo
...I have to pick just one? 1549843134378.png

Alex C.

Well-Known Member
Only one? I would ship my fursona with Judy hopps and maybe with the sona of a friend (red fox)


I would ship my sona cherie with wolf from starfox, ehhh even tho she is the most stubborn person ever.


Late Healer Ferret

...what you didn’t say it couldn’t be my wife’s sona...


Shekel collector
Hmm... f*ck the rules! They exist to be broken anyway! Im takin' yall!


cat wolf
I would ship my sona with myself :V


Shekel collector
My vibrator.

I mean, I don't know. anyone left that I'm at "enh" level with? @HistoricalyIncorrect or @Doodle Bunny, most likely. just because we could be snarky about the whole thing.
(I feel honoured to be compared to you ma'am yet are you sure about that? I will bore you to death with historical discussions... and indirect insults to your cynical mind)