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Name some of your hobbies...


Bike riding squirrel thing.
Well damn, that is some collection you've got there! Are there any like.. "classics" when it comes to Lego? Stuff that would be worth a lot?

Yep, The display consists of new and old sets. Some of the old vehicle sets I have go back to the early 80's.

I officially started collecting it in 2005.

There are a few not in the video cause I got them recently for my birthday. One of which was my first star wars set! :)


The Last of Us.
Exotic pet keeping and breeding (Stick insects, giant beetles, roaches, mantids, vinegaroons, tailless whip scorpions, and a couple of huntsman spiders, around 50 species at the min)
Tropical fish keeping
Carnivorous plants
Photography my exotic pets
Wildlife photography
Trecking in the wildness looking for species to photograph
Trying and failing to draw
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Bike riding squirrel thing.
Bicycle riding.
Building bicycles.
I used to be a big matchbox/hotwheels collector but that has sorta died down these days. I mean hotwheels usually release the same types of cars but with different stickers and colors. So to me it just got boring. Though I can;t resist buying diecast cars of my fave cars. I have so many freakin Ford mustangs!

Zydrate Junkie

Name and rank soldier!
I've had a turtle for 16-17 years now, he's still as adorably retarded as ever.
That Turtle deserves a D'awwww.

I've also noticed a lot of Shooting going on around here. That's something I wouldn't mind to do if guns around here weren't as difficult to get as they are.


Buy the ticket, take the ride
Target Shooting
Video Games
Mycology (the study of fungus/mushrooms)
So on and so forth......


Four Eyes; Zero Soul
-Taking stuff apart. I've taken apart computers I have sitting around solely because I was bored and "they needed cleaning." Also anything dead that remotely interests me has to pass my screwdriver gauntlet before it's allowed to leave.

-Anything mechanical, I've got two cars that continuously demand I feed them money, one's sitting right now because it asked for a new clutch and transmission. There's also a '68-69 air-cooled VW engine on my workbench I've been slowly rebuilding, as well as a '56 Chris-Craft/Hercules marine engine that my dad and I are kind of stuck on rebuilding, because it's basically stripped to almost nothing and it's still too heavy to move.

-Networks, as odd as it may seem. I took it upon myself to wire our house with 100Mbit ethernet and I've gotten so into making sure everything runs smoothly that if something isn't working right, my name gets called and 9 out of 10 times I can fix it.

-Music, making and listening. I don't record or compose or anything, I just do it for my own pleasure. I've been tooling around with the violin and an old Italian accordion lately.

-D&D, spawned from playing WoW with my friend one day. He said "We should try out D&D some day." That was the end of my WoW subscription, so far I think this has been cheaper.



-Guitar,Bass, piano
-Sound and Lighting techie stuff
-General music appreciation
-Gaming (not recently)

probably got more, cant think straight at the moment :confused:

Princess Bubblegum

General Secretary of the USSR
I play competitive pokemon (Mainly OU but I dabble in other tiers from time to time) and surf the internet in general wasting my time.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Warhammer 40k :D

Devout Catalyst

New Member
Art! (Mixed media)

Exotic animals!
reptiles (snakes geckos etc)
Frogs and fishes
anything small and furry

Road trips
mmorpgs (Age of Conan)


New Member

playing computer games
playing piano
playing guitar
playing keyboard
listening to music


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Archery :3

Lot's of other thing's too. Zombie blood is fun to bathe in... Um. Filling people with holes. Reading about goey romances. Finding new friends C:


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Watching awesomely awful tv shows (Xena, Hercules, Buffy, Angel)
Listening to music.
Watching anime.
Playing Pokemon.
Playing Pokefarm.
Skyrim, the Sims.


Dah Portal Gun Wuffy!
-watching documentaries
-playing with high voltage
-more high voltage stuff
-high voltage
-pokemon (shows and games-- I don't EV train. It's stupid. I play for the game, not for the competition)
-YouTubing (surfing and hosting a channel--awesomelightning)
-animation/animating (mainly stop motion and cartoon)
-Adobe stuff (like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator)
-playing awesome flash games
-high voltage
-puzzlers (flash game puzzlers... I can spend hours at them. One isn't flash, but it's a really neat game called Sphere--its by some french dude and it's a long game--so long that he should have sold it on CD or for game console--and it's really awesome and hard)
-mario games
-high voltage
-recording thunderstorms/storm chasing/meteorology
-www.pointlesssites.com says it all
-I DON'T watch porn. It's gross. But I do enjoy my happytimes (AKA I don't fap to things).
- I love building things.
-high voltage
-www.memebase.com and the Imgur image boards.
-making videos
-high voltage
-annoying stupid people
-high voltage
-photography (I actually use manual mode)
-song writing
-talking in my indian accent
-being insane
-electrically shocking myself
-being in passionate relationships with objects
-high voltage
-going on forums
-Weird Al, Bjork, and the like.
-making things go boom
-high voltage
-high voltage
-frickin fuckin epic high voltage!

Did I mention that I like high voltage?


Dah Portal Gun Wuffy!


Four Eyes; Zero Soul
You should look up photonvids if you like high voltage experiments with lots of bangs, fire and noises. That guy is crazy.
And also high-amperage. I swear that guy had more amps than can serve an entire block in my town in one room. He also has some pretty cool normal-voltage stuff, like how he gets his electricity on the cheap.


Bike riding squirrel thing.
And also high-amperage. I swear that guy had more amps than can serve an entire block in my town in one room. He also has some pretty cool normal-voltage stuff, like how he gets his electricity on the cheap.

I let my younger brother watch a few vids from photonvids and now he goes around saying something Photon says "I ain't avin' it....where's my hammer!?"

I like playing around with electrical stuff, I am able to wire a whole house and keep to the regulations, but I ain't crazy enough to piss around with the type of amps and voltage photon does.


Oh lets see, where do I start

... hoarding nostalgic things
Playing GTA series
Building things that serve no use other than occupying space
Subtle trolling
General taunting
Dark humor (this counts?)
Tracking down new music
Listening to new music~
Cookery! If I had money I'd be at it all the time
Cleaning (more of a compulsive habit really)
Foreign subjects (umbrella hobby, includes geography, flags etc =P)

A whole bunch of others that would relate to the above. I don't really have any hobbies that I pursue though
I lost most of my past hobbies. I now resort to reading scientific books, reading the newspaper, and waiting patiently for the next anime convention.
I don't play video games anymore, and I don't do anything violent either(Yet, perhaps?).

I still make terrible videos from time to time, but less frequently and less seriously. Is my youtube community dying, or is it just me?
Being a furry
Amateur astronomy (though not as much as I use to)
Art (not actually making it though)
Shooting (not very often anymore)
fix things when they break down (more of a necessity than a hobby but I get enjoyment from it)