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Name Your Price!!


Anti-Rape Boosh!
I'm doin' it! Send me your character's references, their personalities, and any amount (nothing under $5 please) to this e-mail:

...and I will cook up something awesome!​

All funds will go towards the cage, food, toys, grooming and other needs of a couple of ferrets Cory and I are saving up for. Anything helps!​

EDIT: Cory and I have bought a beautiful 3 month old baby girl, Tak. However, Tak needs a playmate =)

Total Funds: $0.00​

Thank you!​

~Forever After​
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Anti-Rape Boosh!
Thanks! Sorry for the rediculously late reply DX You can get lots of stuffs =3

Line Art or
2 fatheads or
2 sketches or
A two character sketch with color... all sorts of stuff XD