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How did you think of yours?
What do you like about it?
What's important about it?

Screennames and fursonas are what I'm thinking of, but other things are cool, too.

My story?

"Hmmm, I wonder if "character"'s taken."
"AWESOME I'm taking it"

Other than that, it just seemed like it had a good amount of meaning being in the furry fandom, where so many people have characters of their own.

I'm thinking it's WAY too generic, but has some potential. Regardless, I'm trying to think of a better one I can stick to.

I'm not asking you to come up with a name for me. I just want to hear how others have come up with theirs. Suggestions are welcome, though :D


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
First five are RP characters; Last is my screen name.

How did you think of yours?
Anthonius Runeblaze = Spin on my first name, plus Runeblaze (randomly compiled)
Karen Runeblaze = I like the name Karen
Anthrichiru Muritamaze = Randomly compiled to sound Japanese
Himatomi Kiranai = Randomly compiled to sound Japanese
Kyra Makineko = Randomly compiled to sound Japanese
Runefox = Simplification of Anthonius Runeblaze

What do you like about it?
Anthonius Runeblaze = I don't. It's pretty lame; I came up with it long ago.
Karen Runeblaze = I like the name Karen =D
Anthrichiru Muritamaze = Difficult to pronounce. Sounds nice. (an-THREE-she-roo moo-REE-ta-ma-zay)
Himatomi Kiranai = Not entirely sure. It's OK, but I'm honestly not terribly fond of it.
Kyra Makineko = Sounds nice?
Runefox = It's simple, two syllables, and quickly identifies me.

What's important about it?
Anthonius Runeblaze = My first character, my "fursona" for a while, and still one of my main characters.
Karen Runeblaze = I like the name Karen =D Seriously, though, she's another of my main characters, and she's what I would call my lead.
Anthrichiru Muritamaze = True name of Anthonius and Karen. They are one being. Yes.
Kyra Makineko = Name of my last lead character. Incredibly lecherous kitsune.
Himatomi Kiranai = True (kitsune) name of Kyra Makineko.
Runefox = It's easy to remember?

Mm... No. I can't think of anything else to say about them.

Kitshera Aureana

Too hot to handle.
Kit = Fox
Shera = Added because it sounds pretty.

Aur (Aura) = Blue
eana = Added because it sounds pretty.

Made my name up when I was sitting in class in the 10th grade. I was trying to figure out what letters I could put together after the symbolized names to sound pretty.

I actually found out 3-4 years later that Ariana was a name and I got a little irritated that the name existed, because I hadn't heard of anything similar to my name beforehand. Hate it when I make up something original, only to find out someone else did it before. (Unless someone actually did copy me a few years after I created my name.. but eh =P)
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To make it simple

My screenname -> WolvesSoulZ, Just cuz its cool and unique, and that i luv wolves XD

And my fursona -> Keiji Yuya just cuz its cool xD And i find japanese name cool x3


Holsety comes from the game Fire Emblem 4. Its the name of the God of Wind and the name of the most powerful wind magic (selfish god is selfish, naming strong things after itself ;[). Its a variation of the name Forseti, which is the Norse God of Justice.

Thats about it, I just like Fire Emblem 4 (and specifically Levin, who uses the magic Holsety) and thought it sounded nice.


Irreverent.....its both a state of mind and who I am.

The Grey One

New Zealand Scot
The Grey One is a name I got from my girlfriend, when she found out I was obsessed with grey wolves.


Prisoner 655321
Full name: Erich Woolf Mannor

Its a big combination of several things, Eric is close-ish to my name and i am about a 1/4 german so i went with the different spelling, Woolf is derived from an old screen name I had from a huge time ago... it was like Woe [something] elf so instead of using wolf I used Woolf (pronounced [WOE'lf or WOO'lf])

and the condensed version E-mannor is from a nick name I had, E-man. And the first three letters in my last name "nor". And thats another reason i chose Erich... it starts with an "E" ^_^

I also liked how it is pronounced like "manner" reflecting the mannerists, who would paint things with an uneasy tone that reflected on that era... I feel like Furry is the art of my era ^¬^
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It's how people identify me. I don't like or dislike it, but I'm not changing it because so many people identify me as "Shenzi".

Reasons for liking it include: it flows nicely and means "barbarian", although I'm a calm person.

It's important because Shenzi will probably continue to be my nickname for a long time, and I'm okay with that.


*has no FA skills*
Nicolae Carpathia was the first time I encountered the name, just in a different spelling. He's a fictional villain of a christian movie series. The Antichrist himself, that is.

Later on, I stumbled upon it again while using a random word generator to look for names for a character in a role play, except in the "Nicolai" spelling. I reached the etymology a bit through a few sites, and found that I liked it, while I altered the spelling into a different form. The name stuck.

Endless Humiliation

Nicolae Carpathia was the first time I encountered the name, just in a different spelling. He's a fictional villain of a christian movie series. The Antichrist himself, that is.

Left Behind?

What a laughable series. HAHAHAHAHA

You know what the best part of The Rapture is?

That all those raptured away will be naked.



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i started by thinking... how did the Rza (of wu-tang clan) think of his? next thing i know i came up with 5 different versions of mine
my youkai-hime one, i didn't think it up, my friend screamed it at me and suggested i go with it, so i did many years ago.
i dont really like anything about it, its just a handle
nothing important really, other than some folks pull and attitude over it with me
for what i dont know

but for my major handle, AomiArmster
i really dont remember how i came up with it but i just stuck with it lol
i like the random nicknames that are made up with it
what makes AomiArmster important is that i've shoved my foot in the door with it (on the web) but in the world too, the character the name belongs to has saved my arse more than once ( in art classes anyway) since i always fall back on Aomi as a backup to create things for homework/tests/styles.


The wolf with the sniper rifle


My fursona/main character: Brandon H., "Cowboy"; okay, I was really lazy on this one. People usually call me Cowboy or CB, because 1) I'm a Texan, 2) I had a screenname "Cowboy From Hell", because the song by roughly the same name by Pantera is one of my favorite songs, and 3) it's a little more manly than being called Brandon.

Diesel Harris: Diesel; a nickname my asshole brother gave me because I'm supposedly big, slow, and dirty, just like a Diesel. Harris; dunno, I had to come up with a last name.

As for my screenname here...

Turbowolf: Turbo; as in Turbo Diesel, which goes back to my nickname, and Wolf; I are one.

12valve, my FA art name: also goes back to the whole Diesel nickname. It's actually what my brother called me....he thought I wasn't cool enough to be the 24-Valve Diesel...