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Narcotics and the Furry Fandom


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There is nothing wrong with pot. Many intelligent people use it and never have problems. I have a professor who smoked pot and you'd never be able to tell. I have a friend who is going to be a mechanic and he smokes all the time. I've never seen somebody change because of pot. However, just like anything if it gets in the hands of someone stupid...expect problems.


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I've always had the same view about illegal drugs... stupid, pointless, degrading and dangerous. I know a few people who do or did drugs, and some are pretty nice and smart, but others are just plain stupid and anoying. I've heard a lot of stories from some people who do or did drugs, and I have to admite, most are pretty funny, but some just seem so stupid. The stories I hear just convince me more and more that I'll never do drugs.

The only drugs I've ever tried are cigarettes (only smoked 2) and of course, caffeine (yes, it's a drug). I hated cigarettes, I grew up around them for 14 straight years from both of my parents who smoked, but have recently quit. Now caffeine on the other hand, is one I use everyday (ie CocaCola), and I enjoy it quite a bit


Guess what? Ive been smoking pot for....going on five years now? I know thats not a long time, but jesus christ! Its long enough to have made some sort of affects now, but has it? No! The only thing thats slowed me down is the ciggarettes, and those are slowly leaving my life. Pot just makes you lazy if YOU LET IT. Exersise! Go smoke a joint, and ride a bike! You will be fine. ( ANd I in no way condone the act of smoking weed, I just like to explain things well)

But If you chose to smoke a bowl, and go do some kickflips on your board, or go swim a couple laps, you will do fine. Just dont let it take hold of your life!!! Just dont do heroin, dont pop pills, dont do crack. Just stick with the all-natural grees stuff! And maybe a mushroom here and there ;)

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"Illegal drugs" and "natural" is two categories one should be careful about using.

Drugs doesn't become illegal because they're dangerous or addictive (nicotine is the most addictive substance we know of), but because they get associated with certain groups of people or become a problem to certain businesses. Pot is neither dangerous (excluding irresponsible use) nor physically addictive, but yet it's illegal. Alcohol and nicotine on the other hand is perfectly legal.

Natural or all-natural is something I see a lot and contrary to popular belief, it only means that it is or is a product of a biological organism. It has nothing to do with it being healthy.

Though, if one wants to believe that natural is better than synthetic; let me replace that synthetic vitamin C of yours with some all natural ricin!
All of my friends are in to the green stuff but I've tryed it more than a few times in the past and don't really care for the effects. Plus I find it a bit stupid to waste money on something like that when it's hard to afford food these days. I hate to say it but if they where smart they would stop doing them and avoid all the drama that comes from most drug users/alcoholics like I do now.


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I have come to wonder if the furry fandom has any kind of even remotely common outlook on narcotics or simply drugs in general.
Personally? I don't care. If you want to snort a line of coke? Snort away, but do so in the privacy of your own domicile and keep your shit private. Do so responsibly and be smart about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning the usage of illegal drugs, but if you're going to do it... don't be an idiot about it. Have a brain (even if you're frying it).

I know too many addicts to various substances. Caffeine. Alcohol. Food. Sex. You name it. In excess and taken irresponsibly they can ALL dangerous. It all comes down to moderation, and that is taken up on an individual basis. Too much caffeine can kill you. Too much water can kill you. Too much alcohol can kill you (and potentially other people). Too many Big Macs? BAM! Dead, and you're buried six feet under in a double-wide fridge. And various other examples.

I really just don't think drugs as a universal whole are "deadly". Dangerous, yes. Deadly? No. I mean, seriously, the number one killer in the United States is Heart Disease. Number two? Cancer. Number three? Stroke. In fact, drugs do not account for any of the top ten causes of death. Crime? That's another story.

My bottom line? Drugs can be dangerous, but I'm more afraid of the soccer mom on a cell phone driving down the highway than I am somebody cranked up on dope, ecstasy or cocaine. The chances of me getting fucked over by that soccer mom is a threat I have to face every day. The druggie? I can't remember the last time I felt threatened by one (and I know a few). Drug users are not threatening in the scheme of things. Especially stoners. I mean, really. When have you ever seen a pissed off stoner? Just throw some funyons at them and BAM! Friends for life.


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I have never used illegal drugs, but just about everyone I know has smoked pot at one point or another.

I'm not in favor of legalizing pot, but I do support medical marijuana laws. There are far far worse legal perscription drugs out there than pot! Why can't a terminal cancer patient have pot? For for that matter, anyone with chronic pain that can't be well maintained by other perscription drugs? Pot dulls pain almost as well as morphine, but it has far less side effects and is less addictive!

As far as the heavier stuff goes, I still think it should be illegal. Yeah, 99% of the time, the user is the only one whose life gets screwed up. If that were only the case, I wouldn't care. But some of these things have permanent psychological effects... which can effect your family, your friends and even innocent passer-bys!
I used to be addicted to things and made my mistakes that's why I think drugs are retarded. If you wanna waste your money and life to do drugs with nobodies be my guest, but here's a fare warning you WILL regret it later in life and you'll find out that all those people you thought where your friends only liked you cause you got fucked up with them. I'm very ashamed of my past and feel really stupid for making all those mistakes, and because I quit doing drugs I have almost no friends. Never do them and watch out for shiesty assholes who do bad ones, and if you do do them I'd suggest a lifestyle change or you'll end up like me, in pain everyday and regretting a lot of your life.

I've known all the friends I usually do drugs with in sober contexts. We still laugh, have good times, and see each other through hard times. We're still real friends. Pretty damn good friends as far as friends go because we're there for each other when we need it most. Aaaand we all do drugs together.

Drugs are fine, so long as you know moderation and restraint. They're not everyone's cup of tea and not everybody can handle them comfortably so I don't suggest their universal use, but I do suggest openmindedness. Yes, there are drugs, such as crack, which deserve condemnation but blacklisting all substances seems to be an active choice of ignorance.
To get vitamin C, the best way is to eat an orange like an apple. All of it, peel included. Seeds too. Choke it down! See how your mouth feels afterwards. It's like the Goddess Citrus herself descended from a very temperate heaven and had her way with your face.

I enjoy cannabis and have experimented with other substances because I love sensations. Cannabis, if you get good strains, gives all kinds of wonderful sensations. Eating, veging, video games, sex, all of them are better. Even work is better, if your work doesn't involve formal human interaction, counting high than 100 (you'll fuck it up), operating heavy machinery with exposed moving parts, or stuff you actually have to think about. So, that disqualifies most jobs for responsible use. Especially since most jobs have a manager who walks in every once in a while who would probably not like it if your eyes are red and you obviously don't have allergies.

Basically, the most important thing to keep in mind when doing anything is self-control. There are more important things to me than drugs. Many things. I have to get my degree so I can work jobs that are better than min-wage and I have to keep good relationships with my family and friends because I care for them and they care for me. Drugs, to me, are a hobby.

Generally, if you apply the "hobby" attitude it shouldn't get too out of hand. You wouldn't let a hobby dominate your life would you? Well, with some furs the fandom does seem to have taken over a large portion of their lives at the expense of family, friends, lovers, career, and general self-improvement, but they are bad examples. There are people like that in just about every fandom or hobby-community.

It's also kind of funny for me the paralels between the drug culture and the "decadence" culture of the late 1900s around the Wildeian era. Those silly Parisians...


Only weak minded people become addicted to substance and let it rule their lives.


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Only weak minded people become addicted to substance and let it rule their lives.
That's why only people who think they can handle them should do them. Use your brain folks. I'll have more to say later, but it is my opinion that people should be free to do with their bodies as they will, as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of others. If a woman can extinguish a potential life within her womb, I can smoke a doobie and order a pizza.


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I watched someone I loved dearly become addicted to pot. Her entire attitude and personality changed when she started getting high. She lost the beautiful vibrant personality that I loved, and became someone who didnt' care about anyone except herself, and her next high.

I miss her, very much.

Pot, in the wrong hands, is a horrible thing. Then again, so are prescription drugs. People make choices. I can't change that. So all I know is personal experience, and seeing my friend change into something completely "wrong" to my entire outlook on life.

I won't ever try pot because of that. :)

Pot has no addictive properties dear. =] You don't become addicted to pot through anything in the plant itself. You may become mental addicted because YOU think you need it, because YOU don't want to be without it, but in and of itself, it is not an addictive substance. It's just like kids who think they can't live without myspace or without drinking a soda every day.


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I see certain hallucinogenics as a means to get your foot in the door.
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i'm an avid user of various psychoactives. i'm just now coming down from a 4 hour LSA trip. but it's been my experience that a disproportionate number of "furries" take a pretty hard line against drugs.

oh yeah, and pot isn't physiologically addictive.


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I come from a mindset where I don't need drugs or alcohol in order to enjoy life. So in that respect I don't really look highly on drugs or alcohol. I don't drink, and I don't smoke.

However if someone is going to drink or do some drugs, as long as they are responsible and using things that are not too harmful in moderation I'm fine with it. For example, pot isn't that bad when you look at the health affects. I mean, Cigarettes hurt you more and they are legal!

So long as people smoke pot responsibly (not driving or operating heavy machinery or not looking after kids, ect) I'm fine with it. However due to it's illegality I will not be around a person when they smoke pot. I don't want to be associated with it if that person gets busted.

Other things though that fuck your mind up to the point where you go berserk....I'm not cool with that. There are better ways to have fun.

Now I'd like to say I am drug free but I spent half my life on prescribed meds due to my ADHD and Tourettes. Now the muscle spasms are gone and I refuse to take medication for ADHD since I've learned to live with it.

I remember though that when I was on those meds, I was a fucking zombie. I didn't know myself, and no one knew the real me because the drugs affected me to the point where I was nobody. Once I got off the meds I was able to enjoy life for the first time, ever. Due to that, I will never go back to taking drugs to control conditions like ADHD or similar. I'd rather work it out mind over matter than live the life of a zombie again.

That's my opinion though on the whole thing.


I'm allergic to pot - found out the hard way. :p I would probably smoke it if I wasn't allergic though as I have tons of friends (non-furs) who smoke it daily. Other drugs, no thanks. *shrugs*

Also, as long as I am not endangered or put in a situation I don't want to be in - I don't care if someone does that shit around me.


It bewilders me that the general population has such a disdain for cannabis when ethanol ab/use is celebrated and nicotine addiction is somewhere between "begrudging tolerance" and "required to get through the day". (Hell, it used to be considered cool/sexy and still is to a lot of people.)

I don't care what you do. Shoot up heroin and snort crack and whatever you do with meth. It is, indeed, your body. The government's job is not to force you to do what they think qualifies as taking care of it.

On the other hand, if your personal need for a high starts to get in the way of other people, I'm pretty cool with increasing the punishment. You hit someone with your car? Whoops, manslaughter. You hit someone with your car because you can't keep your tripping ass under control? Fuck you.

I likewise don't have a whole lot of sympathy for people who need their nicotine high and demand that everyone else pander to them. I try to be pretty consistent here.

I would also like to see more widely-available information on actual drug effects available; DARE and various war-on-drugs ads are about as useful as abstinence-only sex ed. Go ahead and tell people that ecstasy will make their legs fall off if that's actually true, but don't try to claim that pot will kill my dog and set fire to my house.

tl;dr: people are dumb, but people have the right to be dumb

Also, the way you are supposed to take salvia is by taking the entire hit (yes, it does taste gross) and holding it deep within your lungs for as long as possible.

It will burn, you will feel pain, and it will be very unpleaseant. You must hold it for as long as you can, not as long as you'd like to. Make sure to have somebody take the pipe or bong away from you, because if they don't you might drop them.
Blech. Can't you use a vaporizing pipe with salvia? Or does that not give you enough?

Although this thread has been derailed somewhat, part of my question is answered. There are some furries who have done drugs, but there doesn't seem to be any lines of correllation at all.
Of course not. The primary reason for this is almost certainly that the average person will hear tons of horror stories about how drugs can destroy lives, but the evening news doesn't often run "Kid Who's Done Pot Daily for Twenty Years is Happy and Successful".

On the other hand, a lot of furries seem to be progressive hippie faggots relative to the general population, so a lot more of them will be ambivalent or supportive of drug use.
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Meth is good stuff. You'd be surprised how high you can get from simple stuff like battery acid and pseudoephedrine.

God damn that's hard to spell.
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i've always preferred drugs that don't destroy my facial features and skin quality while simultaneously turning me into a hopeless addict. i've known plenty of tweakers though.


Meth is good stuff. You'd be surprised how high you can get from simple stuff like battery acid and pseudoephedrine.

God damn that's hard to spell.
Well, until your dopamine receptors get so raped that you can't feel pleasure anymore; with or without drugs.
I don't need to put spicy eggplant on my ham sandwich. My ham sandwich is already perfectly nutritious and delicious, so why would I add the spicy eggplant? Because it makes the sandwich even tastier.