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Naughty or Nice?


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Christmas is coming, but is the poster above you going to be on the Nice list...or the Naughty list?

Feel free to provide a reason and a guess at what they should be expecting in their stocking!

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
Nice... you are such a kind hearted fur!

Deleted member 134556

Nice. You left some cookies and milk out for my parrots. It was thoughtful of you.


Well-Known Member
My grandfather died this year, and I haven't forgotten my other grandfather who died on Christmas Day in 2014. I would consider myself "nice", at least "decent".


Technology won't save you
Naughty, for trying to insert yourself onto the nice list. (also, my condolences)


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin
Um... ... depends on if santa knows what birb co does not not, and if his workshop is in range of the weapons at your ice bases


Fun loving kitty cat
I think the one above me would totally be nice listed <the cat looks in a mirror and takes a drink with a grin> But for me, like Black Widow said when asked to lift Thor's hammer...that's one question I don't need an answer to. <giggle>

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
Ah, for your spanks on everyone, and your niceness at the same time....it's compelling....

Ah, you are on the nice list. All friends of mine are always on the nice list!

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
Definitely nice list! I appreciate all kind words, and you were always there to give some to other folks too!

A+ in my book every day of the week!

Oh, and you also get on the nice list because.....top hatted foxxo!


I put the fun in dysfunctional
Naughty, obviously. Shouldn't have stuck 5kg of popcorn in your mom's oven before leaving.