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NBC's Community or "Why Are You Not Watching Good TV?" Discussion

Kitsune Inferno

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No Community thread? Let's change that.

Community is a comedy that airs on NBC at 8:00PM ET on Thursdays. It's the story of a study group at a less-than-prestigious community college and their day-to-day antics. The show just entered its third season but it's always been skirting by in ratings, no thanks to the Big Bang Theory and The X-Factor/American Idol murdering its timeslot.

What's great about the show is just how ridiculous it is. But don't take my word for it, take the Hulk's:


Yeah, I'll let him do the talking. He's really persuasive.

And you wouldn't like him when he's angry...

Anyway, this week's episode was a riot. The whole Britta and Chang plot killed me, as well as the Model UN thing. Only the JeffxAnnie stuff is nauseating, but other than that, a fantastic episode.

And nobody's watching it!

(To the folks in charge, if there's a rule against show-specific threads, please move or lock this as you see fit. Thank you.)

Kitsune Inferno

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Not sure what you mean by that, but I at least want to see Season 4 see the light of day and not get canned.

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...and you're the only one.
Actually I quite like the show.
I think the problem is a lot of the audience is watching it online. So neilson ratings, or whatever it's called, are not showing how popular it is.


I'm surprised sharing a time slot with The Big Bang Theory hasn't killed Community already. No one actually watches it when it airs.


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I'm surprised sharing a time slot with The Big Bang Theory hasn't killed Community already. No one actually watches it when it airs.

That's the problem, I think. It seems like America would rather watch stereotypical nerd culture instead of a show with an actual base on nerd culture that parodies real life.

I quite enjoy Community myself, and I'm hoping it continues for at least another season or two.


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The Big Bang Theory is utterly repulsive, but I really just don't find Community that entertaining. I wanted to like it because of Joel McHale, but it just doesn't grab me. I appreciate the more down-to-earth character designs, but I find that the actual humor of the show just seems so tired and contrived. I don't know, I might just have a really offbeat sense of humor.


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Either Community or Parks and Creation is my favorite live-action comedy right now. Both are amazing, and I agree, I can't stand shows like Big Bang Theory. It's like "We said Star Trek! Hilarious!"-nerd humor as opposed the thought out satire of nerd culture that Community is. I think my favorite episodes were the paintball ones, those were a great distillation of action movie tropes. Plus, the show is hilarious, that's usually a big deal for me when it comes to comedies...