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Need a 2 semi-feral characters digital drawing done till Christmas.

Tuls Elbaroda

No one's hotter than an otter!
Hi you all.
I came up with a present for my friend who isn't a furry, but is interested in "our" stuff. So I decided to push him a bit with a Christmas present.
What would it be you ask?
I need a digital drawing of my fursona and an anthro or semi feral italian greyhound (which would need to resemble my friends dog by color, shape is pretty much the same for them all so all that would be of your choice :D) drinking coffee together. There are two scenarios I can think of. One of them would require the artist to be able to draw some background, the other would be with plain BG and a table in between the two. The art style isn't set in stone but so far I only have one drawing of my sona (which also ins't a ref sheet but shows all the stuff you need to know) which is quite cartoony (my ava is a part of it).
It will go on a wall so I need it to look decent but it doesn't need to be extreme level of detail crazy thing. It would be nice if it was similar quality as the drawing of my sona I have.
Price is kinda a thing I still have no idea about so if you're interested, please state an approximate below.
Have a nice day!