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Greetings artists.
I am a writer in possession of unusual OC's (original species) and I am looking for an open-minded artist to draw them for me. please note I need these covers for commercial use-covers on Amazon. My OC's are vehicle-inspired animal-people which is why I'd like to work with furry artists if possible. Here is what I am looking for, I'll try to keep this brief:
I need someone reasonably fast (a month or less.)
my budget is 40$ (USD) or less. (B&W, sketch line art etc for that is fine)
Must speak fluent English so we understand each other properly.
Willing to prepay or half up front. (PayPal)
Experience drawing animals and or vehicles a huge plus.
I am polite and try to be professional and am looking for the same. I will recheck the thread and or you may note me on my FA: Userpage of OwnerofaLonelyHeart -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
ty for your time and have a wonderful summer.


Digital Artist
Hello! I read your post and I'd like to offer my services. Below is my Commission Price Sheet.


As an alternative to Paypal I also offer commissions on my Commiss.io Page

Here are a few examples of my work.


You can find more of my works in my gallery by clicking the link below.
My FA Page



I'd love to work with you on this book cover. I'm confident in drawing animals, and while I haven't drawn anything auto related lately, I'm a big fan of Transformers in comics! Here are a couple of my work that I think might interest you, and I have also linked my commission sheet below.



Additionally, I am a professional graphic designer. Here is a book I worked on recently! I can provide you with typography that will make your book pop out on the shelves.




Please feel free to contact me here or at catherine.g.g@hotmail.com for a more accurate quote.

Thanks for your consideration![/SPOILER]


Lurker by trade
Hello! If you're still considering, I have experience in design with my own book covers, and would love to help make one.
My commissions page, and an example of my (non-art) design work:


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
Hello! I'd love to work on your book cover! I have just reopened commissions and my queue is still half-empty, therefore ensuring a quick turnaround. I've also worked with many unusual species and would be comfortable working with vehicle-inspired characters.
Here's my complete price list with examples and further info: www.furaffinity.net: VALY J COMMISSION PRICE SHEET 2018 by valery91thunder price varies depending on media used (digital or traditional) and colour choice, but most choices should fit your budget.
I take payments via Paypal and provide sketch/coloured WIPs for approval. If interested, you can either contact me via forum PM, FA note or email at alkalinesparks [AT] hotmail [DOT] it!
thank you guys!! I am going to keep al of you in mind for the future. i have found an artist we are chatting hopefully things will go well if not i will check back here ty to everyone! I have more requests right now I can reply to so bear with me and hang loose. many thanks!! -lonelyrider


Hi, I would like to help you, here are some of my drawings, I also don't only make chibi/adorable style, I can make serious drawings too :D so send PM if you're interested