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Need a Reference. Willing to draw any SFW

I am in need of a better reference for one of my OCs and I am willing to draw anything SFW for a front/back-view reference. (July has been a merciless drought-season for me so I don't have much saved in my paypal, thus currently unable to commission anybody for a little end-of-summer project of mine)

If you like to accept this trade, below are my artwork examples
Sta.sh Uploads 775

and here are some images relating to my main OC KGH (short for Kuraginhomura)
(wings are optional, especially since I haven't come up with a final design for those yet)

He is basically a dragonic-minotaur-like chimera that like to dress up in exotic clothing you see in adventure/fantasy genres.

Note me in FA if your again interested.
Hope you're having a wonderful summer so far. (^w^)
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