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New in Town
I’m new to this community. I’ve known of and wanted to join the Furry community for a long time, but don’t really know how to get involved. I have t developed a real solid Fursona yet...but I do draw Furry art and have just really admired this community’s passion and openness for years. I don’t have any Furry friends who I can ask about this stuff, and I’m aftaid to go to conventions as a greenhorn with no ties to the community yet. Can anyone give me advice? How did you first get involved in Furry? How does this all work. I’m really lost and don’t know where to start


The Real Wheels of Steel
--There are no rules regarding 'fursonas'. Take your time and what form it would take might well dawn upon you without any serious thought. In the meantime, nobody will really notice you haven't made one unless you constantly point it out :). Some people go through them like underwear, and at the other end of the spectrum are those who overthink the creation of theirs and obsess over every detail like something they'll be stuck with for the rest of their lives :D

--You draw? Great! Post your stuff. Find others who post material along the same lines as you do. Watch and comment on them--eventually you'll amass a collection of +watched artists who make material you like and a +faves gallery comprised of such material, and over time you may gain followers interested in the same thing, based upon your own art, or the faves in your fave gallery. Oh, and one other thing--keep drawing--practice pays off...eventually. You're surrounded by content creators here and getting noticed takes an abundance of time and perseverance. The number of watchers on my account might look impressive, but it took me ten years to get there--and I've seen relative newcomers to FA achieve surpass this in two (but they were considerably above my level artwise).

--Treat conventions more or less the same. You'll find tons of furry-related trinkets (bookmarks, stickers, prints, etc) and you can also commission artists for on-the-spot drawings of any personal characters you may have. Some folks collect artwork of their OC's as drawn by various artists. Others map out a selection of panels and events on the schedule that they'd like to attend. And there's always people in the designated lounge space drawing stuff, either commissions or just recreational artwork. Furry cons are just about the only places where drawing stuff becomes a social activity. ("I didn't think I could draw this well at 4am" <-- me, during an art sketch jam/room party at Anthrocon sometime in the early 2000's). How I became involved in stuff like that I have no idea, as the first one or two times attended I was an island. You won't be the only one. I'm not even sure how I met most of the folks I know at furcons (aside from those I met being an artist-alley participant)

--As for how I got involved--I had been drawing the stuff for a full decade before I became aware that there was a collection of others who were into the same thing. This was back in ancient times before social media and broadband :eek:-- I literally plugged the word "anthropomorphic"(which I got from advertisements for furry publications in the back of small-press comics my younger brother collected) into AltaVista--which was the go-to search engine before Google existed.



Sheogorath is my co-pilot
Hi. start posting and getting to know people.

As PCJ stated, stop overcomplicating it. it's no like how 9o% of he rest of the planet sees it. it's an awesome community.


Since the above did a good job for the most part, I'll just touch on a couple things.

For figuring out your 'sona, for me at least (and I think most others) it's about what animal you most recognize as being like you. From there, get creative! (Or don't, we have plenty of "bland" 'sonas here too, and that's ok.)

I got into the game (being furry) thanks to finding the art, liking it, gawking at it, and even creating some OCs. A few years ago a friend who was furry told me that's what the art was and I was like "woah mang, I'm a furry then I guess, how do?" He didn't know much, but pointed me towards FA and since then I have bounced around from place to place. I don't really have any roots in any aspect of the community, but I don't have much desire to either. For me the extend of it is the art and liking to imagine myself as a big angry rawr cat thing. >:3 I'm getting into writing lately, but I don't mean for it to be strictly a furry thing and even though some of my characters are definitely anthro creatures, some are not.