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Request: need characrers to draw?

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Added some new characters to the roster~ meaning more options! Feel free to participate, if ya need ideas there's plenty here.

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
(If you don't want to message in public you can note me here, on the main site, or add me on discord! BluefiremarkII#2898)

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Hey all, here's a few examples of what i have! If you see something you like feel free to do it or ask for more detail on that one! I so have more than what will be listed:

1. A dark shadowy figure, an ancient being of darkness, he was once defeated and split into many fragments, now awoken, he seeks to collect his fragments to return to his former glory. From parasitic dark host looking like a corrupted human, to dark ghostly wraith, to godly bringer of darkness.. you're welcome to draw any of these forms, if you choose him I'll give you more specific detail on the forms to choose from.

2. Alternate version of shadow, this one is his shadow wraith form, however tech instead, he looks like Coding, something similar to this: (sci fi code - Google Search again more specific detail will be provided if you choose him.

3. A character actually still in the works, but is visually done- I'll attach a picture of what I've edited together to get an idea of what she look like- a mega lucario arcanine hybrid. ()

4. Shilon, a semi-mechanical dragon. So part cybernetic part dragon. He's Blue with silvery cybermetic pieces, can be drawn feral or anthro either is fine. He has one right eye replaced with a blue glowing piece, cybernetic plating running all along his back, and making up the spines on the back as well, stopping before the tail, as well as a few various pieces spread along the rest of the body- more detail if you pick him.

5. Plenty of human characters, from sword fighters to teched up suits like iron man to mages, if you want a human character just pick 5 and I'll instead list out human characters.

6. Cayshen, a Myruvanti warrior, if you don't know what that species is look at my FA page, i have the species detail there (made it myself. Custom species.)

7. Beystek, known as the great protector, he is a large statue-esque being, comparable to Regi's from pokemon, but much larger. He does have the dots on the face like the regi's do- (this isn't based on regis i swear just looks somewhat similar) thicker rounded legs, long thing at the top thicker at the end arms with a smooth rounded body, and a bunch of smaller details I'd get into if you pick this one.

8. You're also welcome to still do any of the characters that already have some art, or ones that don't have a fullbody yet like Veslram. Be nice to get some without art but it's still an option.

9. Faeren- a werewolf with silvery white claw weapons that are enchanted, glowing Blue in the moonlight. Human form can be drown or him while in werewolf form. Either works, again more specific detail if you choose him.

10. Sini- a mouse scientist, so the traditonal labcoat, brown with a softer whiter belly front, not that that matters due to the labcoat and black undershirt. He's also pretty short. With one toe on each foot being white, and some white splotches here and there along the body, a little nametag on his coat, and a small fluff of hair on top of his head, colored red.

11. Azeon, he's a cheetah, with a red kerchief on. He's a prankster and jokster, and have illusion abilities. Color scheme is about the same as number 6 in this picture (www.furaffinity.net: Tiger Cheetah Hybrid Adopts ($5 USD) [OPEN!] by JatoWhitz

12. A few other various pokemon characters, if you want to have me list more pick 12, you're also just willing to ask if i have a specific pokemon if there was one you really thought would be one you wanted to draw or something.

Some human characters:
1. Kayrce. Here's a man living in a sci-fi world, not too much further than ours but enough that there's better technology. He, basically pulls an irom man, creating a suit similar to Tony's nano tech, but only putting it on and off, it doesn't create anything he wants like shields, just materializes on and off him.. anyway, he's got things from portals to grapple, jetpack, explosives, pulse weapons, and other various tools, with a mainly white blue amd silver color palette on the suit.

He's late teen in age, 17-20, he's progressed in age in story so any point in time there works. He has blonde hair, short spikey, no facial hair, and blue/green eyes.
He wears simple casual clothing if he's just doing everyday life, nothing special there, except a visor he has on over his eyes like glasses. It is blue with black outline.
He is medium height, somewhat skinny but some muscle built up, and no visible scars.

2. Vasio- thick burly, strong muscled and darker skinned. He has messy hair, brown eyes, and thick grey armor, that looks decayed over time, with a purple cape filling the whole back. He has big boots and a large anchor like hook at his right side, with small white balls on his other side. Helmet would be entirly over his head, with a red visor, and browned color greying towards the neck, and a large barreled shotgun esque sci-fi weapon.

3. Balen- elemental swordsman. He has a very large sword, lined with colored spheres on its top, but not so far top they come out of the sword, they're still surrounded by the sword, just protrude out from either side horizontally. Anyway, those change color based on which element he has picked. And the handle is designed with a firey looking hilt with an icy block protecting hand at the top, and an earthy planty mixed looking handle. He has whiter hair at the top with a medium stubbled browned facial hair, and a thick shoulderpad on the same side as his weapon, right side. With a brown outer vest with tan inner shirt.. think medieval clothing style. Black boots as well. He has the same color eye as whichever element he is using.

4. Daequin- an assasin. He has blue hooded cloak, with purple scarfing around the neck of the hood, with black inner clothing and brown boots. He has a few knives hidden around his person, and a straight steel dagger with a green line up it's center with a small orb of green at its hilt (poison). The before mentioned scarf covers the bottom of his face, showing only the darker toned white skin and blue eyes. He also wears matching gloves to his outfit.

5. Alvana- princess in Oblivion, she's a human appearance, green eyes, clothing style similar to my character Azura- but more younger, www.furaffinity.net: Azura Reference by BluefiremarkII

She's also white skinned, and loves music- training in music magic currently. So some sort of flute, music notes flowing around or something would be good detail. She has long brown hair, a small gold ringed tiara and flowers in her hair, and music staff "dancing" around her dress.

6. Ashen- he has black hair, brown skin, red eyes and short straight hair. He has a short hooded brown cloak, with long sleeved tan shirt with a fanciful medieval vest, and brown leggings and dark shoes. As a dragon shifter, you can draw him with skin looking as if it was turning to scale if you want, him holding a flame, or draw his eyes more dragon like. He's tall, but not overly so, decently well built but again not overly so.

7. Sha'unt'hai- part of an ancient group of inventors, he must look very scientific and smart, he's not a physical fighter so he isn't incredibly well built. He has long brown hair, but not flowing long just long for a guy, and a small goatee type facial hair, with white coat, grey undershirt, red visor over one eye, and a brown belt with silver loops. He's older in appearance but not an old old man look. White skinned as well.

8. Vensha- will keep this ome brief but if you choose him I'll go into more detail because there's a lot of specifics.
A cybernetic assasin/bounty hunter, he's replaced a lot of himself with cybernetics over the years to better himself. He is pretty thick in appearance, a narrow, sharp, cross red visored helmet, with silvers, blacks, greys, browns and such in his color scheme as well, you never see his face so none of that matters, he's also in a sci-fi setting, you'd probably be able to imagine him being in star wars or something.

9. Valtrex- he is a member of a council that runs a world. His whole body below the head is covered by a robe, surrounding him, with whites, reds, golds, blacks, oranges and yellows. Whenever his arm is seen enough, there's purple a sleeve. He has a van dyke facial hair style and a more blonde hair color, and darker shaded white skin.
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