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Need Critique on Print Idea!


Scared-y Pupper
Hello all!

So I came up with the concept of my first print series a few weeks ago- a series of prints based on bright, colorful summer cocktails, so the series title is 'Colorful Cocktails' (woo so original.) I asked my followers on FurryAmino on what the first print idea would be based on colors, species and gender; the results were a female African Wild Dog in purple hues! I need some critique though, it seems off to me.

I tried a bit harder to make sure everything flowed well considering that its all shades of the same color, I feel that there's not much success there. I also think there's a bit of conflict in terms of style- there's bits of cell-shading mixed with a bit of gradients/paintingish style and I'm not sure if it goes well together...

It might just be my monitor screwing with me but I'd love your input!

Thanks in advance for all your help and input!



I do like how the fur patterns look and your anatomy looks also good but the tail fur looks a bit unnatural. I think the cocktail that splashed out is confusing, there are usually more tiny drops when something splashes I guess?

This is random stock image but I mean all these tiny drops like on this one: