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Need feedback!!!


nom nom no- MON MON MON
OK, I've been doing a squirrel study, and I'd like to get some feedback on what needs improving. I'm largely happy with them myself (though as usual I'm more than a little sick of looking at them after all the drawing, scanning, grading, scaling, submitting etc. etc.) so I'm afraid that I can't be specific about the feedback I want.

Just mention anything the jumps out at you.

Shy squirrel
Chatty squirrel
Possibly Narcissistic squirrel


Arshes Nei

Masticates in Public
Well the expressions you're listing in your description links don't match the emotions. Need to study more body language to get those emotions to get across.


Art Student Saboteur
I think as far as cartoonish squirrels go, they look alright. As was already said, perhaps the emotions should be tweaked but the art itself is quite alright.


nom nom no- MON MON MON
Ah - thanks for that. I shall take it on baord... and start gurning in a mirror as I draw or something...