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Need Furry Artist for Wolf and Furry Creature

What type of art you can do?

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Sound of Catastrophic Light
My first story, (still in making) "The Mutant-D Heroes" is one of my very long, very far from finish stories.​

Right now, I am doing a slight pause, on this story, and making another story that has fur, and undead spirits.​

Title of the second story is: "In a time, of Sorrow. The adventures of Fusion": (finished: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1691867/ (need to be log in to read.))​

Fusion is the last name of a (two brothers in one body) character of my second story.​

But I want someone who can draw him, a face of a tiger as orange-yellow as the sun with red as blood stripes, silver long hair (on head), 2 red horns, furry claws as black as coal for feet and hands, silver furry chest with a second face on it. (Ps. its humanoid so it walks on two legs, and can hold items (guns, swords, etc.) like a human.)​

The Wolf... Just a plain black fur wolf. (A part of my story.)​

Are you up to the challenge? More there are artist, the better.​

P.S. You don't need to be completly specific to my details. You can hide horns in the silver hair for exemple or/and not putting the face on the chest to make it seems as its asleep. Plus you can do whatever you want as long as it has most of my creature caracteristics shown.​
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I try to play "jack of all trades". If I don't know how to draw something, I'll study it for a day before starting a drawing :D

I may be able to come up with some drawings if you want. I'll send ya a PM.
Feathers are a bitch.. Though I'm not tooo to bad at it.