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Need help finding lost pictures (some mature content)


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Hello everyone,

I'm a huge fan of Furries but new to this site. I was hopping this wonderful community might help me find some pictures which I thought I had saved but apparently lost. I will try my best to describe them, I'm hoping some of you might know what I'm talking about.

Firstly, I think I had first found those pictures on DeviantArt but after looking for many many hours I can't seem to find them. Some of them are explicit and contain adult content.

The pictures are about a squad of Furry warriors/soldiers heading out into a swamp to combat a tentacle monster, dressed in tight wetsuits (they might have been wearing armor as well, can't remember for sure). I believe they have some weapons with them, swords and spears.

The main pictures show them coming back after the fight, all slimy with their wetsuits torn open in multiple places from combat damage, tentacle bits all around them. The pictures also show, from memory, some massive bulge underneath their wetsuit, turned on by the action. This might be a different set of pictures (sorry my memory is a bit foggy) but I remember some pictures showing those same soldiers touching each other in their torn wetsuits and cumming inside of them while washing in the river.

Does that ring any bells to anyone? Any help would be very appreciated as I miss those pictures very much and I wanted to show them to my SO who shares the same passion for furries as me.

Thanks a lot! Don't hesitate if you have any questions, I will try to answer best I can.


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I suggest trying to use the main site search feature to search swamp, tentacle, and or wetsuit as different combinations. Change the ratings between Relevency and Popularity if you can't find what you are looking for via relevancy first.
Hopefully the artist tagged their artwork with proper keywords for help in accurately locating the work.

If no one can help you here, I suggest making a submission post like this where you doodle your OC (for the submission to have artistic merit) asking your particular questions of "Can you Help me Find this Artist?" Doesn't have to be colored, or even be all that complete as long as you can get the point across that you are asking for help searching for someone. You will need to make sure to tag that submission with the themes of the art you are looking for to up your chances of someone familiar with, or enjoys that type of art finds the post and can help you. (Someone who actively looks for and enjoys tentacle Lewds has a higher chance of recognizing or remembering the art you are looking for than someone like me who stays in the SFW environment). You will probably want to mark the submission as Mature since it's a topic describing lewd things like that.