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Need help for a Project I'm working on

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Wrenchnin of Rapture
I need a picture for a project that my friends came up with. What I need is a picture of my new Organization XIII character. Furry or Human, but I need a human one to show them. Basically we are making our own members to join the Organization and I want at least a reference to mine! Leave a note here if interested, include whether you will make a furry or regular human as well as contact info so I can send you the specs! Thank you for taking time out to read this guys!


I do not know what I could do for your character, but there's a whole community already for the extra Organization characters that people have come up with. Maybe you could join up with them?
It's called Organization Infinity, they're on DeviantArt here: http://org-infinity.deviantart.com/

If that helps, maybe to come up with some other ideas or help out whoever is more willing to be commissioned then it won't be a waste of a look. ^^;
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