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Need help for hands


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I'm very bad at drawing hands. It's very difficult for me drawing them. Could you give me some tips and tutorials?


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This book is a great reference for hands. It's in a slightly over exaggerated style, which makes it easy to understand how the hands bend. Hands are one of the hardest things to draw.
The other suggestion is to gesture your own hand or find a model. Do them blind. Don't look at the page and just draw the hand, give yourself about 3 minutes and then do another one.

After gesturing it blind, then give yourself permission to do an extended drawing by looking at the page. Use your own hands for references. They're right there. :)

Here's some examples of gestures where I used a model. This is after years of practicing hands and I still mess them up at times. So it's not an easy thing. The book helps because it has soooo many steps that are hard to break down in one forum post. It really depends on where you are at with drawing hands.


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I recommend trying to analyze and copy some expressive hand drawings and paintings with an emphasis on gesture. As in, try to get the general simplified shape of the hand that still reads as a hand. Sorta like this (quick examples with Italian Renaissance paintings, Old Masters' paintings is one of the best sources for practice like this):



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I have a suggestion!
The trick with hands is to break them down into shapes, as others have mentioned.
Each hand has about 15 sections to it. Most natural gestures, a good portion of those sections will be obscured. Trying to show off all 15 sections usually leads to an unnatural (and 'badly drawn') hand.