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Need help! :P


HiHi! I have a sergal sona and I need help naming him. I have had him for a few months now and cannot seem to think of a good cool name for him. Can I get some assistance my fellow furs? If you have any questions just ask away! Thankies in advance! :)


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That is a super rad design! I like the dreads a lot. As for a name, how about King?
That's not a bad name but I'm looking for something a little more unheard of like something one wouldn't normally hear ya know? Something that has a certain ring to it that just makes you say "that's badass" ya know?


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Hmm, maybe Riot, Ruiz, or Tesla? I'm really drawn to the letter R for this character.


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I LOVE his design omg

Here's some names that come to mind:
-Viri (short for viridescent)