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Fauna Joy

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So this is my first Fursuit, and I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to put it together. I've taken a look at tutorials, but they're a lot different from what I want to make. I found a tutorial, but they don't explain a whole lot, and their GIR's face is flatter than what I'm trying to make, as his head always seems to stick out quite a ways.

So I'd really like help figuring out measurements, and how to keep it securely on my head without being too tight.


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You need to take a tape measure and measure around the largest part of your forehead to see how big around your foam needs to be. It's always better to have it slightly bigger than you need and you can always go in and put some funfoam pads in to take up the slack. If your head sits too far forward in the costume, you can use funfoam pads to push the head off of your face. You need to make sure you keep both sides of the foam trimming as close to the same as you can. Remember that fur will mute the small inconsistancies, but larger dips and such will show up. What I like to do is take a photo of the head and then go into Photoshop. I cut the image in half and superimpose one side over the other to see how far off the trimming is. Of course the image is flipped and at a reduced transparency so you can see through it. I can then go in with a permanent magic marker and mark spots that need trimming down. If you get stuck on something, please feel free to start a conversation and I can get into more detail.

Fauna Joy

New Member
Ok, so that's how I make the internal part, but how do I figure out the rest of it?

I'm also not sure what fabric I'm going to use. Gir isn't a "furry" character, I would like to use something that doesn't get too terribly hot. I can overheat easily.


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Take a deep breath.

Think carefully and describe exactly what you want.

Consider what was said

Come back


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I came by to suggest using fleece, but this put me off a bit. This is a slow sub forum, you shouldn't take it personally if you don't get many replies.
I agree 100%. Fleece or minky would be a great material for a character like Gir.
However, your attitude on the matter is very off-putting and maybe can discourage users from helping you. I understand feeling like nobody's listening, but people are willing to help you when you need it, we all just need some patience