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need help withsetting up paypal

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um hello,this is melody again,well,my dad recently just made me a paypal account,so I can now charge people for my artwork,the only problem is....how does it work? and how would people transfer there money to my account if they were to comission me. this is my first time so Im pretty confused on how to start! need help please.


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When someone wants to pay you, you have them send the money via paypal to the e-mail address that you registered.

Me: "I'd like a $5 badge please! Here's my character info (blahblahblah), what's your Paypal address"
You: "Sure thing! My paypal is myemail@myprovider.com. I'll get started on it as soon as I receive payment."
Me: "Ok. I'll go do that now"

Then your commissioner goes to the Paypal site, clicks the "Send money" link, fills out the form and sends the money.

Me: "All sent, from omemail@omsprovider.com"
You: "Yup, I got a receipt from paypal that you sent it. I'll get to work!"
You: "Here's your awesome art, thanks for commissioning me!"

As for taking the money off of your Paypal and into a bank account, you need to check out Paypal's site and get help to set it up.


You can also Request money from people if they give you their paypal e-mail account.

It is one of the options on the side :) So if they give you their request and info you can accept it and send the request for money so it is easier for them :)

EDIT: Also note that sometimes Paypal will take a % Cut from you. It tells you as part of the transaction.
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