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Need Inspiration


I Swim Fast
My boyfriend's roommate is turning 21, and he wants art. He's a manly man, and I want to do an animal-related piece.

I need some suggestions of badass animals or animal combinations. It can be a hybrid, a morph, or something totally made up.

Difficulty: No Manbearpig




By the way, mods, I wasn't sure if I should put this on this board or the advice board. Feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place because I'm not really sure.


It may sound terrible, but how about a canid/big feline with a nice oviraptor/velociraptor?


I Swim Fast
You know, that's not bad! I'd just have to figure a way to do that. Cat head on raptor body with some fur and freakin lizard teeth! Woo!

Keep em' coming!


I Swim Fast
Icarus said:
Imma name cool animals

Giant Isopod
Giant Centipede
Angler Fish (female)
Komodo Dragon
Giant Squid
Hermit Crab
Fiddler Crab
Draco Lizard

Have fun :D

Hey those are pretty cool...especially the giant isopod.


New Member
Pit bull dog.
tigers and liond and bears, oh my?

Or a Rhino.


I Swim Fast
I'm actually incorporating a rhino horn into it. Rhinos ARE totally badass.
Ok, after a lot of thinking... I've decided to combine this:

with this:

I am putting the sharks head on the body of the carnotaur, along with a thresher shark tail on the end, and a big old fin coming out the back of the neck...and a rhino/devil horns.

Death on two legs.